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    Rate the sig above you! w00t!

    _Pretty odd, so yea I guess 5/10 for being different.
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    Countdown From A Million

    994,008 :wtf:
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    How famous is the user above you?

    2/10 _Never really seen you.
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    Countdown From A Million

    _994, 091 :lol:
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    How famous is the user above you?

    7/10 _Seen you around a couple times.
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    _Cause its WiiCHat. Its fun here, Welcome to the the forum. Watch out for spamming.
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    How famous is the user above you?

    _1/10 _Never seen you before.
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    Pleased to meet you :)

    _Hey Man welcome to the forum. You picked the best place for Wii information. Hope you find your way easily here.
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    _well on the update that i just recieved it said that it was an update for the WiiWare that will come out in spring.
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    My theory on Pikachu

    _woahhhh, I never would have even taught of anything like that. Nice man, it could be possible and it truely is believable.
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    wiiware update

    _Hopefully we get some better WiiChannels. LIke something worth buying, something useful like the internet explorer is.
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    Spamfest~March, 2008

    _Si yo soy Paco. Y mi gato es Pedro.
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    SSBB Friend Codes

    Hit Me Up JERSEY players. Been playing with others out of the state but way tooo much lag. So if your from NEW JERSEY add me and we could play right now or whenever you request. Info in sig.
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    Spamfest~March, 2008

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    Wii & DS Play?

    _Yes, it is possible only with certain games at this point.
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    Super mario Galaxy or Super Smash bros Brawl

    _Its all up to you man, do some research on it. But some facts in it, SSBB multiplayer and online. SMG is single player and an adventure game. It's all up to you but if you want to be part of the biggest selling nintendo game ever go with SSBB :yesnod: .
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    Spamfest~March, 2008

    _same here. **graps sword,makes his way to Ronald Mcdonalds house.**
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    How famous is the user above you?

    _you mean BODYLESS fishhead. minto first time I see you, but if you see DorkFish a lot it must mean your around. 6/10
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    Spamfest~March, 2008

    _exaclty, mmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmmm.:yesnod:
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    Spamfest~March, 2008

    _I, myself was thinking about that. I (I meaning Marth) stab it from the back forcing my sword out through the front, and then you come running from behind me and jump on my back do a cartwheel in the air and then land it perfectly stare the clown straight in the eyes while he gasps for air due...