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  1. link92

    Lets brawl

    Cmon i want to brawl any body want to play
  2. link92

    Rise of the leftys...fight the power

    ok i know there r leftys in the world that have to agree with me on this y in the hell cant they make a left handed controller i mean what is so hard about that,i know u can play left handed with the wiimote and nunchuck but im talking about a left handed classic control or game cube control...
  3. link92

    any leftys out there

    ok im huge zelda fan and i want to know if anybody else thinks that they should put a option for left and right handed ppl in the new zelda game cuz im left handed and it kinda sucks the made link right handed in zelda twilight no ofence to right handed ppl i just think they should make link...
  4. link92

    amigos assemble

    any one want to play brawl i need amigos and how to find friend codes