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  1. BradBoz

    Microsoft Digits... The Future of Gaming?
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    What are you eating?

    Title says it all.
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    For all newbs who won't listen

    PLEASE STOP SENDING ME YOUR FC!!! My disc is all scratched up where I can't play. It'll be awhile before I get my Disc Fixer at GameStop... So plz, stop sending PMs... Sorry Admins and Mods is yall think this is a stupid topic... T-T
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    What has happened?!

    I knoticed there was a slight error inside wiichat... I'm wanting to know that where is the BLOG section? Post blogs...etc I left wiichat along time between December to October. Did something happened when I was gone?! I REALLY need to post a blog! Any help please? Thanks! :yesnod:
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    Taking Requests!

    Hey there! I'll be taking requests on Siggys! Yesh! So If you need a siggy, give me a picture and tell be what it says Kk? Alrighty this event should start remarkable!:D
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    New Social Group - Sonic Colors

    SonicMan has created a new social group called "Sonic Colors", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
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    Wii update 4.3

    I got a message from nintendo about the Update 4.3.Now...Since I h*** my wii,I'm wondering if I'm save to update it.I don't know what to do! Update,or not? Thank you for replying!:)I'm so sorry guys If I posted in the wrong topic!·n·
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    Back...then left

    I'm back...again left.Yes people I'm back for a few minutes.I'm sorry to tell yall that I leaving once again...I'll miss KingBowser,KlonoaCat...mostly those noobs messing around with me.:lol: Well,only the good news is that I'm not leaving the computer alone,I'll be in another site like this.If...
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    Favorite Cheez-it Brand!

    Anyone like cheez-its? If you don't that okay. ↓Whats your favorite?↓ Brands 1.White Cheddar 2.DUOZ 3.Hot and Spicy 4.Cheez-it(Regular) 5.Reduced Fat 6.Cheddar Jack 7.Party Mix Some you dont know? Search it on google! My favorite Cheez-it is... Hot and Spicy Yalls?
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    You know something weird is happening to BOZ94? HE DOESNT LIKE ASH! Wuwi is hacking!
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    I need a sig

    Can any1 get me a sig???
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    New Social Group - SonicMan's Best Friends!

    SonicMan has created a new social group called "SonicMan's Best Friends!", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
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    Sonic Championship!

    Lets start out with a Sonic Championship! Others Must watch and see who on one! I'm going to be in here too! :Rules:↓ STAGE Final Destination Battlefield Green Hill Zone. EXTRAS No spamming! No hacking! No cheating! No Items! Got it? SonicMan vs. ????????
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    SSBB Tournament!!!

    Welcome to SSBB Tournament! Here are a Few rules. Always Be Nice and Happy! Not mean. You will be kicked OUT. 2 No Cusing! STAGES: Final Destination SmashVille Yoshi's Island BattleFeild ----------...
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    Hello To ALL!

    Hello I'm a SONIC fan. I'm pretty young. I Hate Hackers On Internet not brawl. Why? I hate it! Well I came here to say hello and this looks like a PERFECT Site! Please Reply. I'm Not a Hacker i'm a good guy. Please Vistor message me a reply thanks! SONICMAN