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  1. Napalmbrain

    Newly discovered planet may have water

    The tl;dr version: Astronomers have found a planet which might have liquid water, although it's probably not very Earth-like. Link:
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    Funny place names

    *Note: Not for the easily-offended, or people who hate childish jokes* ****ing, Austria Mount Wank, Germany Wet Beaver Creek, Arizona, USA Cockermouth, England, UK Hell, Norway (yes, it is possible to literally go to Hell and back) Dildo, Newfoundland, Canada Mount...
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    New Halo Anime Series in 2010

    Preview from Xbox Live: Looks like it's a shounen series, and I don't particularly like the Halo series, so I doubt I'll be watching...
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    Gamestop employees trapped by bees

    Link: What I really want to know is: why does the NYPD have a bee specialist?
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    The Thread of General Ignorance

    Inspired by the brilliant British panel show QI, I've decided to do a thread about common misconceptions. Feel free to add your own. -Humans did not evolve from chimpanzees. According to theory of evolution, both humans and chimpanzees had a common ancestor. -Asteroid belts are not vast, dense...
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    Japanese Virtual Console list- April

    A list of the Virtual Console games coming to Japan this April: Link: I'd say that's a pretty respectable month. Not sure what the point in Metal Slug is seeing as there's already an anthology of the series out...
  7. Napalmbrain

    EU VC update 28/03/08: C64 comes to VC!

    Yes, the Commodore 64 has finally arrived! Sorry, no news on if or when it'll come to America. The games retail at 500 Wii Points, here's the first two: International Karate Uridium On top of that, we get a new Nintendo 64 game as well: Cruis'n USA Three whole games? We'll probably be...
  8. Napalmbrain

    EU VC update 21/03/08

    Only three weeks after Super Turrican we get: Mega Turrican Sadly only one game this week. Note: apparently you'll need to update your console in order to access the Shop Console. I'm scared to try in case Nintendo's sneakily put in a way to stop the Freeloader.
  9. Napalmbrain

    Wiiware microtransactions

    According to Famitsu, Genki is to release an add-on pack for its Wiiware title LONPOS for the rather hefty price of 500 points (the game itself is 1000 points), and Namco wish to include downloadable content for their Wiiware game Mojipittan. Link...
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    EU VC update 14/03/08

    Nothing special this week. Super R-Type Operation Wolf I was hoping for some imports. :(
  11. Napalmbrain

    North American update for Monday- two import games

    Just thought you'd like to know the releases you're getting this Monday (yes, there will be no Super Smash Bros.): SNES - DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure (sequel to the atrocious Milon's Secret Castle) Genesis - Puyo Puyo 2 (sequel to Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine / Kirby's...
  12. Napalmbrain

    EU VC update 07/03/08]Kirby 64 Another one-game-wonder week (sigh), but look on the bright side, at least it's not something like Shaq Fu or Night Trap. And no, there is no Super Smash Bros. this week, get over it.
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    10 ways the video game industry is ripping you off

    Nice article I found on gamesradar about the various ways games companies like to rip off their poor fans: They provide a good explanation for the bizarre shortages of Wii and DS consoles even...
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    Japanese VC list-March

    Of course, the Japanese VC schedule provides a vague glimpse at the possible releases for the rest of the world. So this month they get: Ouch. No N64, No Mega Drive, No Neo Geo (again!), and only one measly SNES game. When the okay-but-not-fantastic Fantasy Zone is highlight of the month...
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    EU VC update 29/02/08

    Psychosis Super Turrican No Super Smash Bros. this week, boo hoo, Nintendo doesn't care, yadda yadda yadda.
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    EU VC update 22/02/08

    Two NES games this week: River City Ransom... sorry, "Street Gangs" Wonder Boy... sorry, "Adventure Island" Yay for River City Ransom. (Screw that crappy generic European name)
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    The 15 most annoying video game characters

    Check this out, a pretty good list of video gaming's most annoying characters. Frummage: you might not want to look at this one. :lol: Link: Personally I would have added Tricky (Star...
  18. Napalmbrain

    EU VC update 15/02/08

    A slight improvement this week, as we get two pretty good Sega games: Eternal Champions Phantasy Star II As always I recommend buying the Sega Mega Drive Collection for PS2 rather than getting Phantasy Star II on VC, but I shall say it's an awesome game with a much better storyline than the...
  19. Napalmbrain

    EU VC update 1/2/08

    Nintendo reminds us just how much they despise us, by doing the fourth one-game-wonder week in two months. We got SSFII last week, now Lolo 2 this week. America got both those games in one update. :mad5: Adventures of Lolo 2 Surely we're due for more Sega games by now?
  20. Napalmbrain

    Japanese VC releases- February

    Source: Sorry SSB fans, it would appear it ain't coming soon. *cue schadenfreude laughter* :lol: Also, I shall reiterate: I'm glad Master System games are coming to VC.