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    What's a good way to break up with someone?

    make it seem like she wants to break up with you manipulation
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    whats up man, you get fifa 10??

    whats up man, you get fifa 10??
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    LOST Season 5

    i think Jacob is going to come back to life. something having to do with a pheniox raising from ashes cause Jacob was kicked into the fire... who do you guys think Jacob meant when he said "they're coming"? there is really 2 options... A) Ilana and her group with Locke's body ("they're...
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    Whatcha bin buyin

    really fun game
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    3 Boxes Problem

  6. ProShooter

    Whatcha bin buyin

    a basketball jersey, 60 bucks a strawberry sundae, 1.99
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    Ah, I remember when I roamed these boards back in 2007.......

    welcome back i was away for like...4 1/2 months?
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    What's the worst thing you've done?

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    goodnight to the other 4 ppl online

    day 2: goodnight!
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    Is WiiChat.... dying?

    cause many people here moved on to a 360/ps3 so nobody posts in the ones that actually have to do with the Wii. well, some people do...
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    im horny...

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    NBA Thread

    If you watched basketball you would know that most of the superstars now play more as a team. Anyways, who do you think will be Rookie of the Year? Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose?
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    NBA Thread

    Nope, but I am watching the Lakers game :)
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    NBA Thread

    Lately Kobe's shooting has been a little silly. He always tries to do the impossible (beyond the impossible shots he makes now as blueovalboy7 pointed out). By far MVP will be Lebron. Coming from a Lakers and huge Kobe fan. As for Steve Nash, he has the best FG percentage out of every player...
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    LOST Season 5

    Yeah, I figured it's impossible. Okay thanks, I just didn't no what she meant when she way saying that.
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    football/soccer chat

    Thank you Yossi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    LOST Season 5

    I'm not going out this whole weekend with my friends are anything so I'm going to probably finish all episodes before the new episode the upcoming Wednesday. EDIT: Season 2, Episode 9, "What Kate Did". Why Sawyer got hurt after coming back from the people on tail section of the plain, Kate was...
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    LOST Season 5

    Meh I've been watching the episodes from the start, and I'm already on Season 2 Episode 6. There were exams in our school so I had the last couple of days off :) EDIT: Every Wednesday I'm going to watch the new episode that comes out. And as each week passes I'll know more and more since I'm...
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    LOST Season 5

    I've watched the latest episode, and surprisingly I wasn't confused and I've only watch the first 19 episodes of the first season. So the Ben who got shot and is now getting healed is the big Ben in the end of the episode? Since their in the past, will what ever happen in the past apply in...
  20. ProShooter

    LOST Season 5

    I've watched the first 5 episodes so far. I'm going to do my homework and watch a couple more :) Do I get to find out why Kate was arrested later in the show?