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    One win away from a 0-3 comeback!!!!
  2. Shoot2Kyll

    Gun damage

    I've done a little experimenting in split screen and online and I am starting to find the damage of each gun. The normal health of a target is 100, but bio booster makes it about 120-130 (not sure yet). This is the damage of some of the guns (all splitscreen guns except RPG) from what I see...
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    Split Screen

    I have to say, i really underrated this game. My neighbors were just over and we played some split screen and I gotta say that this game is soooo fun on splitscreen.
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    Over 100

    I just played probably the most intense game of demolition with two extremely even matched teams at nuketown. Each round I got around 30 kills and by the end I had 101 kills (with about 65-70 deaths of course). I wish I was videotaping because that was just freaking insane madness!
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    Way to play with headphones

    I really want to start playing with headphones on, because it seems like people who do have the edge on you, but I don't have ones that connect to my TV. Does anyone know of some cheap, but good head phones for your tv, or at least what kind of cord I would need to connect the Headset to the...
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    How to annoy people on black ops If you didn't watch any yet it's basically this guy names Kevin1811/ imovingtarget (same guy) who goes on search and destroy just to screw around with people. Anyway, I decided to make an extra account called AtomBombPocketKnife were I do...
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    If you're looking for a CoD sig

    Go here: I love it, you can make sigs soo easily
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    Crossbow Camo

    I've done this it's legit and it's awesome:
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    Favorite Gun

    What's everyone's favorite gun, stripped down though (nothing on it)? Mine personally is the Galil because it has a bigger mag, amazing iron sight, and good damage for its firing rate.
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    Black Ops

    Tournament will be 1v1 at nuketown Game play: No time limit You and the person you face decide how many kills you go to (at least 25) Someone besides the two players must be spectating (they never spawn) and will most likely be me will decide the first round match ups Bracket will...
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    Funny Black Ops review

    I remembered seeing this review on gamestop for Black Ops and it made me laugh so I looked back for it and found it: