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  1. Shadowking

    Extra life

    I need donations for my contribution to Extra Life. I am part of the Achievement Hunter Team (which you can view here) and we have a really hefty goal. More importantly, however...donations that I specifically get go straight to the very hospital my best friend, Taylor, was treated at for...
  2. Shadowking

    Favorite Movie Soundtrack

    Ok so I know my Video Game Music thread wasn't highly successful so now it's time to try something similar...but for movie soundtracks. A few of my personal favorites (aside from main themes like the Indiana Jones, Star Wars, or Harry Potter themes which will probably be mentioned quite a bit...
  3. Shadowking

    Favorite Character Design

    Yeah we've all discussed our favorite character to death. You play as character x because of reason y and blah blah blah. But which characters do you think look the coolest? Which ones do you look at in their original games and then turn to their Brawl version and go "HOLEESHIT" about? Same goes...
  4. Shadowking

    Favorite Game Music?

    Surely I'm not the only one who listens to more video game music than anything else? These instrumental masterpieces are great because they do not distract me with lyrics while I'm trying to do homework nor do they cuss when I'm listening to them around children. So I listen to them all the...
  5. Shadowking

    Halo Lore

    As some of you know, I strive to become a game designer and as such I love delving into the lore of my favorite franchises, and Halo is no different. I have not yet read the books (I thought I was going to get them for XMas but I didn't =/) but I have beaten all 5 games and own the Halo...
  6. Shadowking

    Profile Glitch

    Whenever I try to go to my profile (specifically to get to my unread visitor posts or whatever they're called) it sends me to the page of s&s. I'm not him. I'm S.S. Is there a way this can be fixed? As it is I can't read what people have posted on my profile because I can't get to said profile...
  7. Shadowking

    Oh hai dere.

    Hey everyone, I apologize for the fact that I've been gone for like...forever. I have two jobs and college. And I spent a lot of time in the hospital over the past year. So it's been rough. But it's almost 2010 and I decided to pop in, see how everybody is doing, and save the site to my...
  8. Shadowking

    Baseball Thread

    Kinda like Syntax's Hockey fact, I think there should be a thread or sub-forum for every sport, but until then, Baseball for me ^_^ Discuss ANYTHING about Baseball here: Rules Teams Players Games Equipment...ANYTHING!!! I am personally an Angels fan but if someone less...
  9. Shadowking

    Baseball Thread

    EDIT: Oops! Got a little impatient with the post button =3 Could a mod delete this one please?
  10. Shadowking

    Known Unknowns

    Ok, so there's obviously quite a bit of speculation as to what's going on with Brawl, but there are some things that have been shown or hinted at, but not announced. I'll start with what we already know: CHARACTERS NEWCOMERS Pit (from "Kid Icarus") Wario (from "Wario Land" series)...
  11. Shadowking

    double s=double cool

    Sup guys? My name's SS cuz my name on most forums is Sonicshadow...which wouldn't fit here =P Either way, my real name's Brad, so just go with that I guess ^_^ So I've had my Wii for a few months now...only place I could find it? Costco xD Dead serious. $300 bucks including Wii, Wii Sports...