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  1. ToadStar

    New Social Group - Super Smash Bros Brawl

    ToadStar has created a new social group called "Super Smash Bros Brawl", with the following description: To join this group visit the social groups homepage where this new group will be listed.
  2. ToadStar

    Just got MWR delivered.

    Guys, my Call of Duty MWR is delivered, but it's not working on my Wii. I already took to the best store in my city. He said I must change my Wii chip to let it work. We can exchange FC when it's work...:frown5:
  3. ToadStar

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wishing you all for a better days in the upcoming year. God Bless You! _ \/ |\/| /\ |_ /\ | | / - \ _|
  4. ToadStar

    Rate the last game you played

    Title says it all. It can be a wii game or other console game. Mine is The Sims 2 on PC 9/10
  5. ToadStar

    Which Game is Better?

    Hey guys, I've planning to buy Call of Duty. Which is better, COD BO or MWR? Why? Please tell me your opinion, so I can decide. Thanks a lot.
  6. ToadStar

    The "Guess the Character" Game

    Hey let's try this game. This is mine, try guess this one.
  7. ToadStar

    What lesson or work do you like / dislike the most?

    I just wondering, how peoples opinion about work / lesson. I like math and biology..........................:idea:
  8. ToadStar

    Cell Phone Topic

    Let's talk about cell phones! You can post your cell phone or discuss them. Here's mine
  9. ToadStar

    My Signatures

    Finally, I've learned how to make some signatures, here I'll post some of my works. I'll add more soon. You can freely take them as your signature, also you can write your codes. You can also request a signature and give suggestions, since i was beginner. Leave a comment if you want...
  10. ToadStar

    My Final Test

    Hi all! Next week I'll have a final test. I think I'll be not online for 1 week. I hope I can do the best. C'ya
  11. ToadStar

    Good news guys!

    Hey guys, my internet is finnaly work again, and i can play online again...
  12. ToadStar

    Resident Evil 5

    Talk about Resident Evil 5. What is your opinion? Post them here.
  13. ToadStar

    New Here!

    Hi ya all! I'm new here, i hope peoples here are friendly. I love my Wii, and i'm currently playing Monster Hunter Tri......:lovewii: Sorry if my english are bad, cuz i am Indonesian. Best Regards, ToadStar..