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  1. Monsteroids

    VC Poll

    Rules look at sotw rules Choose you favorite 3 games game 1=5 points game 2=3 points game 3=1point Games: N64 1080 Snowboarding F-Zero X Kirby 64 Mario kart 64 Paper Mario Pokemon snap Sin & Punishment Starfox 64 LoZ: OoT Wave Race 64 Yoshi's Story 64 Mario 64* You wanna help me decide...
  2. Monsteroids

    Oh god! Somebody freakin' help me here!

    Why won't the Wii shop accept my Wii points card number. 4 times, 4 freaking times! I tried redeeming it and I get some bloody error message! Thats $25 down the freaking drain! What the hell do I do?!
  3. Monsteroids

    Calling Pacific Canadians!!

    Oy If you're San Diego or Seattle thats cool too. Add.
  4. Monsteroids


    Hey there peeps! I was just reading about this game and it sounds fantastic! So fantastic that I want other people who think so to talk 'bout it in the thread! =) Question: What specs does it require?
  5. Monsteroids

    The Catcher in the Rye = Good book!

    I don't care if you don't like to read because I do. I just finished reading this book and I thought it was very good. The end almost made me kinda cry. I don't think he grew up at the end, but he was starting to which is a good thing. It was a somewhat dull action wise, but it really grabbed me...
  6. Monsteroids

    Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf

    I really like this movie\Play. Did anyone else... Have any of you even heard of it. The American Dad! spoof of it cracked me up as well! :lol: Seriously I'm a fan. Dunno why but I am.
  7. Monsteroids

    Tourney Ideas

    People! Try coming up with a Brawl release tourney idea and other Tourney ideas. My idea: Valentine Couples Release Tourney! Get your Gf or Bf and train in smash and be pitted against couples in your region! Win Wii points!!! St. Patty's Tourney! Get green or get out! Get a green costume...
  8. Monsteroids

    Godfather or Goodfellas

    Oy. Monster here! Give me your opinion! Which one is better! I say Godfather with the acting and the music! Your turn!
  9. Monsteroids

    Metroid retrospectives and realease date\review countdown

    Retrospetives from ign and GT!!! 2 more days until the review and 3 days to USAwide release!!! Retrospective for some Metroid nubs! IGN: GT: Woot for Metroid!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Monsteroids

    Requiem for a Dream

    Has anyone else seen this movie(qm) What did you think of it(qm) I thought it was almost too heavy duty for me kinda the same with Pi.
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    Duped thread, sorry. :sick:
  12. Monsteroids

    A Wii salute from The Angry Video Game Nerd!

    One thats kinda funny, but also uplifting for Ninty fans: Screwattack-Wii Salute
  13. Monsteroids

    TOTB #0 Applications

    Why I call it #0 is because I started it so late. Anyways this is a Box Art contest. Who can make the best game box? The theme is(This time I pick): BATTALION WARS 2 Rules: -New game picked per week -Winner Picks game -Non-existent game(new upcoming game cover one week, Existing...
  14. Monsteroids

    EA's Wii Family play

    Check this out: Pretty cool if you ask me!
  15. Monsteroids

    Wiichat safety ideas

    After the Rotlin incident(and all of the dumb questions, spam, etc. a lot of it) I thought of making a thread where users could put in their safety ideas for WiiChat. So BEGIN!!! P.S. I'm not that good at opening the tread, but you all know what I mean.
  16. Monsteroids

    How about a Wii box art contest?

    Like who can make the best Brawl boxart? I think this would be really cool! Or who can suceed an existing boxart? It would have to have the logo of the game(no logo yet? then Make one!) Have a rating on it. have wi-fi if wi-fi. Are you up to the challenge? Heres the box frame:
  17. Monsteroids

    Official Online games list. Sorted by Wii, VC, and DS

    Official Online games list. Sorted by Wii and DS I poked around Wiichat and realized there were no good, organized, understandable listings for online games and their release dates I'll try clearing this up: Wii: Released: Mario Strikers Charged: JPN:TBA AU:6/7/07 USA:7/30/07 UK: OUT Pokemon...
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    General Advice thread

    The idea behind this thread is that people want to learn a skill like how to program, how to play some game, how to play a sport better, how to get to their goal in life and such, right? Well I was hoping that people could share their knowledge here on that skill for the person who wants to know...
  19. Monsteroids

    Linux Ubuntu on Wii

    I'm not sure whether this has been posted or not but the subject: that they are porting Ubuntu on Wii and it-by the looks of things-is called Wiibuntu from or a part of Wiimux. This site is a wiki and has a lot more information on the matter:
  20. Monsteroids

    Cannon room glitch

    Okay I noticed people other than myself have gotten stuck in this, well there is a video for those who haven't and it explains what happens. It is on YouTube and it is also kinda long but hey thats MASTERLINKX for you! Anyway heres the link and make sure that you don't get caught in this...