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    I have come to warn you

    Sadly, this means that I have to buy a second PS3. :/ I can't not play PS3 games, but I certainly can't not write SPU assembly. At least I can be satisfied knowing that a PS3 sell is a minor loss for Sony. :-)
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    Well, that lasted a while. ;)

    Well, that lasted a while. ;)
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    Intel in Talks with Nintendo

    Yikes! I will cry if x86 makes it's way onto consoles. :S The 360 has a better GPU. You can probably get better graphics on a PS3 if you utilize the Cell well, but that rarely happens in multiplatform games, since it's inherently unportable...
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    Maxing out my Wii....

    Well, considering that the Wii has some rather unique components, like the Hollywood, you'd have something that doesn't work at all. If you somehow managed to get around the many obstacles that makes it completely infeasible to upgrade any part of it, then you would have something that provides...
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    i'm hopp'd up on coke

    I'm "hopp'd up" on speed...Oh, that kind of coke. :P
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    Not Impressed

    If you're disappointed with the graphics then you really should have done enough research to realize that the hardware is essentially that of an overclocked GameCube before you bought it.
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    Yep. :-) Are you an average moron?

    Yep. :-) Are you an average moron?
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    If you're referring to the arcade titles, I got them in one day.

    If you're referring to the arcade titles, I got them in one day.
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    Google Chrome OS

    You can access my data through ELinks running in a jail with ECMAScript disabled? ;) The relative security of FireFox is mostly from the open source model. (well, that and the abomination that skews the comparison :P) Though if you can't find an exploitable bug in the...What is it now...
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    Google Chrome OS

    Isn't everything? *resists ranting about FireFox's fundamentally flawed design*
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    I'm back, but where did everybody go?

    Welcome back. :)
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    Screenshots: New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 720p

    It's not upconversion. They're rendering it at a higher resolution in an emulator. It'll still look like ass because of the low polygon count and shite textures, but it'll certainly look better than upscaled 480p.
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    Screenshots: New Super Mario Bros. Wii in 720p

    Terrible graphics in HD. Want. :-)
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    Google Chrome OS

    Well, considering that I mentioned the age, I obviously do. But, as I said, I couldn't resist. :-) Besides, relative to the activity of the forum, it's not that dead. It was still on the first page of the section...
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    Google Chrome OS

    I know that this is an old thread, but I can't resist. Do you people realize that the Chrome "OS" is nothing more than a Linux distribution with a custom windowing system that prevents you from doing anything besides use the web browser? The entire thing is absurd, and every aspect of it goes...
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    Something wierd...

    It was probably just a software bug...They're not exactly uncommon...
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    That's nice, random person. -_-

    That's nice, random person. -_-
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    Xbox360chat Broken Once again

    i0n doesn't seem to be around here much either. ("Last Activity: 02-24-2009 06:10 AM") So it's probably a wasted post. And the place is pretty much dead anyway, unless you want Viagra. -_-