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  1. Axtlar

    Follow me (Axtlar) on IGN!

    Hello, compatriots! most of you may not know me, but I am a veteran Wiichatter and I would like for you guys to follow me on IGN if you have an account, AND if you are a fan of Nintendo, my username there is Axtlar2, here's a link: I have a bunch of blogs...
  2. Axtlar

    The "How not to Play Brawl" Thread

    Hello, compatriots of Brawl playing! This thread, as its name implies, will provide points of how NOT to play Brawl, everyone is entitled to their own way of playing and can do whatever they want, but, sometimes the majority manner of playing (yes, most of the people I have played play like...
  3. Axtlar

    Add Axtlar(me) to your Wii...I have lots of wi-fi games.

    Hello, compatriots of Wii playing, if you want to add me to your Wii (and I would very much like people to add me, please): 1. be sure you're active in playing of the Wii and its games. 2. give me your code (mine's 7688-9638-8193-7668) and add mine and don't you forget it. 3. give me the...
  4. Axtlar

    Wii Wi-Fi problem

    Hello, I'm having problems with my Wii's Wi-Fi connection..I only had this problem once and it was 2 months ago: I have a router and connect to the on my Wii with it, but recently, the Wii doesn't find any access points from the router and I have tried everything in the routers page; change the...
  5. Axtlar

    The Taunt Messages Thread

    Hello, compatriots of the Brawl, here you can post your current messages you have assigned for each taunt in Online mode with friends. Also post your character of choice to go along with those messages. My current taunt messages are: LEFT: "ADIOSSS" (good-bye) UP: ""FUEGO!" (fire)...
  6. Axtlar

    The Coo-Estionnaire

    Respond the following questions: 1. What exactly do you first think when you wake up in the morning? 2. What is the wildest/weirdest job that you would take? 3.What animal would you want to be turned into and why? 4.What hand gestures do you do very often? 5. What turns...
  7. Axtlar

    Al Pacino vs. Roder DeNiro!

    When it comes to the good actors Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino, who are said to be rivals and only once would appear alonside in a movie and in the near future in another, who do you think would win in a battle to the death between the two? and who do you think is a better actor? I'll keep a...
  8. Axtlar

    Official Happy Feet Thread

    Yeah, I know it's a bit late to post this here, but hey it's worth it!! those of you who have the game, this is for you. Here's some cheats: Unlockable: The Zoo You must collect 31 Gold Medals. Unlockable: Somebody to Love You must collect 12 Gold Medals. If you are stuck(many of you...
  9. Axtlar

    360 Game Idea

    Hey, I have a very good idea for a new XBox 360 game: How about we put together famous faces from the land of Hollywood playing roles of known candidates for presidents or just any politician and caricaturize them digitally into the game to be played as a dramatic RPG stylized in the form of...
  10. Axtlar

    The Questions and Alphabet Game

    Hello, compatriots! This is a game in which every post has to be a question and the first word of each post has to start with the continuing letter of the alphabet from the previous post, not only that but each post also has to be in relation to the previous post, example: Jabali: Who are...
  11. Axtlar

    DS online games recommendation?

    Hello, compatriots. I want your opinions; I have a DS but no games and I'd like to buy an online game where you can add people's friend codes and play with them when they are connected no matter their location, is there such a game? please don't respond if you don't know, and if there are games...
  12. Axtlar

    One Big Happy Family! (game)

    Let's all pretend we're a family or that we know each other as friends, so choose what you are in relation with the members starting with me (Axtlar) and Celeste who chose to be my pretend girlfriend, and then we'll just pretend this is a soap opera and act as if we truly were what we're...
  13. Axtlar

    Diddy Kong Racin DS question

    Hi, I have a question about this game: Can you actually add friends to the game and play with them even if they are a country afar from you? thank you.
  14. Axtlar

    The Macho/Chauvenistic Movement THREAD!

    HELLO, men! let's all get together as one to have our rights established, and let us not get squashed like cockaroaches from those evil women!! JOIN us!! The Macho/Chauvenistic Movement and we will prevail!!! WE WANT YOU! Members so far: Axtlár LevesqueIsKing Wario2ooo Frogger(don't ask)...
  15. Axtlar

    Wii Remote Jackets: When Will we Have Them?

    I am wondering when they will arrive at our homes, for those of us who ordered them, so please, if you oredered one and receive it, post it here, because I, like others, have a problem with that in which I couldn't place the order correctly because of errors in the page, so I contacted Nintendo...
  16. Axtlar

    Axtlar's Smash Bros. Brawl Art Shop "The Figur"

    Request your drawings here(Note: I will only do 3 requests and a bonus one according to the quality of drawing you request and if it's interesting so think of a good request) For those requesting, please state: 1.Character: (character's name) 2.Position: (If you want him/her in a particular...
  17. Axtlar

    Smash Bros. Melee glitch

    Hey everyone, this here is a glitch me and my bro got while playing Melee a long time ago and now I'm finally showing it: We had Mr. Game and Watch, Young Link as cp, Fox as cp and Kirby, I was kirby and my bro Game and Watch, Kirby apparently swallowed Young Link, but I don't...
  18. Axtlar

    Glorious Day Today

    Today is a glorious day to me! it is September 25, 2007! ever since I woke up, I was excited, I didn't want to even go to school, I wanted to go directly at the store to buy a game; the best FPS game out there, and I mean the best!!! I just got some money that my father owed me so I went in to...
  19. Axtlar

    Parenian Novel #1: Little Fauna

    This is one of the many novels I have written, I will be posting 1 of 4 small chapters each 2 days or so, so for those who like to read, this is for you, I hope you enjoy and if you don't read then don't post anything, if you are interested and read it you are welcome to comment, thanks...
  20. Axtlar

    Excited About the Wii Zapper?

    Are you excited about the Wii Zapper? will it be the ultimate gun accessory for the Wii remote and Nunchuck? will it really make you feel like you are inside the game shooting at enemies? click here (not the Wii Zapper) and then tell me.