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    Post Your School Schedules

    School is starting soon, (or already for some unlucky people) and I just picked up my schedule, so post your classes. Semester 1: 1 - Health 2 - German III 3 - Computer Programming 1A 4 - English 5 - World Civ 6 - Advanced Placement Biology 7 - Weights 8 - Geometry Semester 2...
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    Harry Potter Bug?

    Well, I just rented the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game, and I'm pissed because I can't get passed this part. I might be doing something wrong, but I don't think I am. Well, anyway, I'm at the part where Nevil is supposed to take me to the Room of Requirements, but I follow him...
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    New Macs

    What do you guys think of the new iMacs and Minis? I love the new iMacs, they are so sexy that I want to go buy one right now and now I'm not sure if I will get a MacBook Pro or one of these. Teh droolage :drool: The Minis look the same, but they have faster Core 2 Duo processors...
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    Pets You Want

    Well, I'm bored so I decided to make another stupid thread. So what are some pets that you want? I have always wanted an African Grey Parrot, but they are so damn expensive, and my ferret would probably eat it if I got one. And I have always wanted a little Squirrel Monkey, but they are...
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    Halo 360 Ugly

    At the Microsoft press conference they showed they will have a new Halo 360 that is army green. I think it looks like ass. What do you guys think.
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    Free MS Points

    Edit: I figured it was just asking everybody this when they start a convo with them, but I guess not, so unless someone else confirms that it worked for them I'm just going to take it off. If a mod reads this, feel free to delete the thread.
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    With everyone talking about the iPhone, I decided to make a thread about the OpenMoko and see if anyone has even heard of it and what they think about it. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is pretty much a Linux based iPhone copy. Here is a link to their site. So how do you think...
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    Final Fantasy XII

    I have been wanting to play this game, but unfortunately I gave away my PS2 before it came out so I never got a chance to do so. I got a PS3 today, so I decided to pick up a copy of it. I started playing it expecting something great, as I have never played a FF that I didn't like and they are...
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    Internet Speed

    Well I can't believe there isn't already a thread on this, but I couldn't find anything in a search so I decided to make one. So post what speed your internet is and go do this little speed test thing. I have 6MB through Comcast Cable and here are the results from that speed test.
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    Well where I live, it is 85° F right now. It usually gets about 20° warmer during the summer, and I live in a house from the 1800s and the way it is setup we can't put AC in. So it is already extremely hot in my house. Now I when I turn on my 360 I completely fry. I have a thermometer on...
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    Stupidest Thing You Have Done While Drunk

    Just as the title says, post the stupidest thing you have done while intoxicated. Mine would probably be the time me and two of my friends went to school drunk during a basketball game. We got on to school grounds and as we were walking through the parking lot I notice some guy is sitting in...
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    Vista Vs XP

    Well I typed this responding in another thread but I'm to lazy to retype it with minor changes so I'll just copy and paste it. Edit: Sorry if there was some confusion but this is comparing XP and Vista, not Mac. There should be no further discussion of OS X, Linux, or any other OS in this...
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    Sorry to bother you guys but it would be great if you could provide a little help for me on my homework. I knew how to do these things when I was at school but I have had alot of other things on my mind today and I forgot how to do it by the time I got home. So here is a few different types of...
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    On the PS3Chat Forums they have an arcade system where you can play games such as Snake, Tetris, Space Invaders, etc. They have leader boards for each game so you can compete against the other forum members, and when you are the champion of a game you get a little trophy next to your name in...
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    Well I'm extremely bored so I figured I would just make a thread about how many days of school you guys have left if any. I have 19 days left still. :nonod:
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    Views on Drinking, Smoking, Ect.

    I was just wonder what your guys views on alcohol, tabacco, marijuana ect. Personally I see no problem with alcohol and pot as long as it is used moderately. Smoking on the other hand I find discusting and don't know why you would want to do it since it doesn't really give you a high or...
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    Wii Battery

    Does anyone know what the battery on the bottom of the Wii is for? I noticed it in the manual though I have never heard anything about it before.
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    Does anyone know if Walmart lets you bring in chair's and electronics? I'm trying to get everything ready for when I go to wait in Walmart for 8 hours and I want to take a chair and my Ipod, PSP, DS, PPC, ect. And I was wondering if Walmart lets you take in chairs and electronic stuff. Cuz...
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    What Time

    I'm trying to plan out what I need to do to get my Wii and I was wondering what time you think I need to get in line. I'm going to my 24 hour walmart. They said that they will have a minimum of 20 Wii's. Do you think that 4:00 PM is early enough? If not what time do you suggest?
  20. paintba||er

    Online with dial up?

    Do you have to have high speed internet to get online with the Wii or can you do it with dial up. Also if you arn't supposed to get on with dial up is there a way around it. Because with my 360 you arn't supposed to be able to get on Live without high speed so I have to link it to my dial up...