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  1. vashivihan

    *Official Thread For Trading Friend Codes For The Conduit*

    this is the thread so post your friend codes and ill regularly update the OP with people and their friendcodes. i dont have it at the moment since stores dont have it in my area. Hopefully, they will have it today. vashivihan - 1891 9137 3932 skorp - 4683 6223 3338 jkrswild - 2879-7359-4423...
  2. vashivihan

    Guitar Hero 5: new modes and tracks revealed

    linkage oh em gee!!!! "sypmathy for the devil" and "superstition"??
  3. vashivihan

    Dead Space controls with a twist, literally

    linkage lol, rotation isnt wiis best feature? look at red steel.
  4. vashivihan

    Rumor: Activision preparing Guitar Hero: Van Halen intersting
  5. vashivihan

    Capcom Has a Surprise for Resident Evil fans with a Wii.

  6. vashivihan

    isnt this very frustrating?

    heres the deal. whenever something bad happens at my house, the blame is put on me and usually its correct. but on those rare instances when even if i am not the one to blame, my parents wont believe me. when i yell at them that i didnt do anything wrong, my mom says, "your yelling shows that...
  7. vashivihan

    Wii gets Final Fantasy IV sequel

    linkage + screens
  8. vashivihan

    Nintendo Announces excite Truck sequel
  9. vashivihan

    THQ: de Blob Sells Over 700K

    linkage w00t!!!
  10. vashivihan

    Two new playlists for call of duty wii

    yep so i went online this morning and saw 2 new modes: hardcore FFA (deathmatch with no hud, small maps, low health) team survival (only one life, no hud, no perks, no kill streak, low health) they are not for me but hey i would love more updates like these, maybe capture the flag?
  11. vashivihan

    id's John Carmack: "Visually Stunning" Wii Games Possible

    linkage its kind of captain obvious-y but its good to see a leading developer acknowledging the wii.
  12. vashivihan

    Kizuna team apologize for slow development, discusses game details

    linkage good stuff, i was wondering what happened to this game
  13. vashivihan

    Red Steel 2 First Look In Next NGamer

  14. vashivihan

    Third parties dominate WiiWare best-sellers

  15. vashivihan

    In this thread, wiichat suggests to me appropriate songs for graduation day

    so yes, i graduate from high school in june and all the preparations have started. we are asked to drop off suggestions for songs for grads. so far, i came up with: Highway to Hell - ACDC Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd any suggestions?
  16. vashivihan

    A couple of good news for wii call of duty owners!

    you know how we always complain about developers dont caring for us wii owners? well, a few weeks ago, we got double xp weekends and that was very welcome. Now, it seems, that they are taking care of annoyances in the game that people exploit. For example, before, you could get dogs with 7 kills...
  17. vashivihan

    New Indiana Jones includes co-op and 4-player versus and Fate of Atlantis!!$1265883.htm <3 fate of atlantis!!!!!!
  18. vashivihan

    Nintendo customer service at its best: Family suffers house fire, Nintendo steps in t

    linkage :worship::worship::worship: