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  1. Yepi69

    Castlevania Order of Ecclesia Friend Code

    If anyone still plays this awesome game then i would like to trade FC's. My fc: 4986 0471 4020 Add me then send me yours i would like to race or to buy some rare items :P
  2. Yepi69

    Tetris Party Deluxe DS Friend Code

    If you guys play this classic and awesome tetris game add my friend code: 1678 8625 4846 Then reply me yours, thanks:yesnod::yesnod:
  3. Yepi69

    Clubhouse Games DS Friend code

    If you guys still play this classic game here is my friend code: 1507 0637 6701 add me them send me yours
  4. Yepi69

    We are looking for Nintendo Wii fans!

    We are currently looking for Nintendo Wii fans or other nintendo consoles/games fans, we are most of the times hosting many wii games but mostly Super smash bros Brawl and Mario kart wii/Mario kart 7 So if you have an facebook account and want to join our little nintendo family group :P just...
  5. Yepi69

    Post your Pokemon Platinum Friend Codes Here

    Im tired of hanging around at the wifi plaza, i need friends over pokemon platinum, both to battle and to trade pokemon! My friend code is: 0089-6782-0691 Post your PKMN Platinum FC's Here :)
  6. Yepi69

    Golden Sun For the Wii

    Anyone knows if there's an upcoming golden sun game for the wii? i love golden sun (especially the gba ones) so i wanted to know if anyone knows if there's an golden sun game coming for the wii, it would be awesome :D
  7. Yepi69

    Chat box for the WiiChat

    It would be great if we could chat to our admins, mods, friends, members and even guests on a chat box for the That way we could for example exchange friend codes in live chat, ask questions about wii or wii games to other people or friends in the chat So if you want a chat box for...
  8. Yepi69

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky Friend Codes Here

    Post your pkmn mystery dungeon explorers of sky here so we can trade teams, items or rescue each other :)
  9. Yepi69

    Mario Kart Wii Friend Codes Here!

    Post your Mario kart Wii friend codes here and we all play online, GAME ON!!! Here's mine: 2279-8731-0183 Add me then reply me yours! Hope seeing you all online :)
  10. Yepi69

    Postal 2 Share the Pain

    Who here plays Postal 2 Share the Pain? i play it on multiplayer and single player and what about u guys?
  11. Yepi69

    one of the firsts buying the Wii U

    im gonna buy the Wii U as soon as it arrives, what about u guys?
  12. Yepi69

    Hello :D

    Hi guys im new here, and im also new to wii cuz i just got a wii 1 week ago so you guys can tell me how can i take more advantage of my wii, for example buying cool games, what wii is best on, etc, also add me on the wii, my friend code is right below on my signature and also reply to me if you...