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    just got ghost squad is it?
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    NitroBike...Any Good?

    Hows Nitrobike? Ive heard some mixed opinions on the game, whats the gameplay/online modes like? Pros and Cons? Thanks. :wink:
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    Barclays Premiership 2007-2008

    Im an Arsenal Fan myself :)
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    Game recommendation for Friday night with a girlfriend...

    Crap - sorry for the double post.
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    Game recommendation for Friday night with a girlfriend...

    I dont mean to sound immature...but surely you and your Girl should- no i'll leave it lol. You could try Geometry Wars: Galaxies, some good fun there, co-op or against eachother.
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    star wars wii specific images

    pics wont load mate.
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    Co-Op games for the Wii

    Ghost Squad - up to 4 players co-op Geometry Wars: Galaxies - 4 players co-op Depends on what kinda game you like. I personally didnt like Wario Ware. Id rent it first.
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    16 days unitl MOH2 (uk)

    I wouldnt mind EU servers, we would get owned by the americans since they have had it for ages. Doesnt bother me.
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    Best First Person Shooter game

    Single player? Metroid Prime 3 Multiplayer? Medal of honor: Heroes 2 Simple.
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    Downloadable songs for Guitar Hero 3

    The Wii will be able to Download songs for GH3 soon, very soon according to ninty. Youll just have to wait a while.
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    Nintendo Too Strong?

    Good and bad at the same time, for obvious reasons. Strong Ninty games is what we bought a Wii for really. But the strength of them doesnt effect third parties AT ALL, unless their game is released near Nintendos. Releasing the game is where they have to be careful. They shouldnt worry...
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    Graphics whores? It's a two-way street

    Ahh i should have known that you would come in riding your Fanboy horse once again. But this time, what your saying isnt 'Wrong'. I think 'Bullshit' is a better suited word for what youve said. When i first experienced graphics on the 360, i wasnt in awe. I didnt marvel at the sparkly...
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    BWII question

    No more heroes, MOH:H2 and BWII all out in one month in the UK.....hard choice...
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    UK games on EURO wii

    UK games are PAL...
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    16 days unitl MOH2 (uk)

    Yep, all of them senses. i CANT WAIT for this :)
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    Want Good Wii Games, Then Buy Them

    sticky this!
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    We need a Zack and Wiki Sequel!

    Yeah a sequel has pretty much been confirmed. Is the game quite short? I think they purposefully did that, afterall with a game like that you dont know how its gonna sell. Hows the sales figures in Europe?
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    Resident Evil 4

    So do you get paid alot for looking down at people and being an overall *****? 'Coz you really do it with passion. Not everyone is as great a gamer as you me or the guy posting below me. We all have different strengths. RE4 is NOT easy to complete to a new gamer as he pointed out he was...