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    NitroBike...Any Good?

    Hows Nitrobike? Ive heard some mixed opinions on the game, whats the gameplay/online modes like? Pros and Cons? Thanks. :wink:
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    Does it come with any games?

    Sort of like how the Wii came with Wii Sports? any mini games or something actually on the DS itself? Or do you have to buy a game, in order to use the DS?
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    MOH:H2 Came out in the USA today right?

    so how is it?? :yikes:
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    Endless Ocean

    First of all, how is the game? what kinda stuff can you do and are there any objectives? Online mode, how does it all work? Is it good? How do you communicate in online modes? Thanks.
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    Independance Day

    Every country has an independance day. Today is my country's :) So lets all share the dates our nations became official, and maybe even tell the story of how it happened. Goo way to overcome a few differences, racism and what not. And learning a few things along the way :) Please refrain...
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    Chance Of A Surprise Headset?

    Battalion Wars 2 comes out in America in just two weeks. With no headset in sight. BWii2 is a RTS game. its IMPOSSIBLE to play an RTS co-op without communication. Not to mention the other games coming out that CRAVE headsets. id say around 90% of Wii owners would like a Headset. roughly...
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    The Official Headset Petition

    If you want Nintendo to release Headsets for us all to use online (and soon..) Then support the Petition here. Im not going to waste my time putting peoples names down, it would take forever. Instead, if you post, its like signing the petition. So if your against the headset (the minority i...
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    MySims: Anyone Excited?

    I am, cant wait, it looks awesome. I heard a rumour EA MAY be including some sort fo online feature, anyone else hear something like that?
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    Thinking of buying a DS

    I need some pursuasion. Can some one clear up the following for me: What features does the DS have? I know Picto-chat, i that it? Any other stuff like that? MP: it any good? Mario kart DS....any good? I love FPS, RPG and real time stratergy games, can someone reccomend...
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    El Gigante

    Ive seen people on here saying "i wish i had LESS pistol ammo!"...well dammit give me some! Im always low on pistol ammo, the most ive ever had was 50, an now im stuck with THREE punisher bullets and 2 shotgun shells. Oh and im trying to beat El Gigante with that. I also have a hand...
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    RE4: First Level

    Ok i just bought RE$ for wii a few hours ago. i started playing about 30 mins ago, and ive got through the first part, where you have to make your way to the village. Now im stuck. Theres at least 20 zombies, and i only have 26 bullets. Im finding the controls a bit wierd...but im doing ok...
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    RE4...But what About MOH: Heroes 2?

    Heres my problem, i want to get RE4 soon. possbly within the next week. However that will leave me without much funds for up coming games like MOH: Heroes 2 (32 player anyone?). There isnt a release date for MOH yet, but they said this Holiday. your nall probably thinking...just get both...
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    Ups And Downs OF E3

    The upsides, we got a release date for SSBB for America. No good for us europeans really. Mario kart wii announced, given estimated date, with online play. Wii Fit, along with the foot thing, nice. All in all very very good. But I ddint feel nintendo focused enougb on their main goals...
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    Id like someone to clear things up for me. 1) will we have to pay to download things from wiiware, if so how much? 2) will there be a WiiWare channel? or will it all be from the shop channel? 3) What kinda things can we download, just games? 4) When will it be released in Europe...
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    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

    Enemy territory is a free download. Its an online FPS, quite similar to counterstrike. You join servers, organise clans etc, etc. heres a few screens: For a free download, its excellent. You can join the axis team or the allies. each team has a different objective that come...
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    Id like to download Wiinremote It allows you to use your wii remote as a mouse on the PC. But the website is very confusing, with about 10 different versions to download. My question is, which one is bes to download, and is it a reliable site? Thanks.
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    How has PBR Turned Out?

    Im in the UK, so i dont know how good the new pokemon game is. Is it any fun? And more importantly, hows the online feature? Id like some comments on graphics, gameplay, single and multiplayer, and of course online play. Thanks.
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    The Godfather Trilogy

    possibly the best movies ever made. whats your overall view on the Godfather, which is your favourite one, and whats your favourite quote? Fav Quotes : "Do you spend time with your family?" "yeah" "Good, becuase a man who doesnt spend time with his family can never be a real man.." -...
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    Headset For The Wii. NOW NINTENDO!

    We need a headset for the wii NOW! id love to use it during mario strikers to tuant my opponents, and when games like battalion wars 2, metroid prime 3 (hopefully online), smackdown vs Raw come out, it will be s cool. The DS already has a headset, s when is it the wii's turn? A wireless...
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    Redsteel 2 (

    Scroll down: Due for release on 31/08/2007 our price: £34.99 Delivered RRP: £39.99 You save: £5.00 (12%) thats in 2 months! EDIT: found this on the next page... Super Smash Brothers: Brawl Due for release on 30/09/2007 our price: £32.99 Delivered RRP: £39.99 You save: £7.00...