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    cds stikers

    if you want all the cds and stikers from brawl here a video.
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    can someone gift me kirby 64 heres my wii code 6289-0110-0278-8399.and if youre going to say no dont post
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    super smash bros murder

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    kirby video lol

    :lol: now in 2d
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    fight mario&mr.l

    who wants to fight me add my ssbb code i add youres.5026-4121-8021
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    mario kart wii site
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    when dose ssb 64 come out

    when dose ssb 64 come out for vc?
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    mario&mr.l comedey show.

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    halo video thread

    post youre halo vids to.
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    who here likes bleach im on episode 50.
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    if u r a mod some dude soviteo was being mean to me.:mad5:
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    name stupid nintendo consules with images.

    my images dont work so ill just give you a exampel nintendo mii.
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    how much stars do you have

    how much stars do you have in smg.
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    mario galaxy ds fake video!

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    tell the person i nice thing.

    :lol: tell a person a nice thing and you realy dont mean it.
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    fake games!

    :) post fake games and images that goes with it.
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    what should i get

    what vc game should i get paper mario or kirby 64: and the shaterd shards.
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    wii points please

    :) i need wii points can anyone pm me some please.
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    super smash brawl ds yes or no.

    should super smash brawl be on ds yes or no.
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    mario galaxy tips and unlockbels & secrets

    Hidden Character *SPOILERS* Get all 120 stars. Return to Rosalina on the Comet Observatory and request to fight Bowser again. Finish the credits and you will get a message saying that Luigi is now playable. Grand Finale Galaxy and Star 121 for Mario and Luigi *SPOILERS* To unlock the final...