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    Netflix / SensorBar / Wiimote

    I have Wii for a while now and I have always felt that the range of the sensorbar / wiimote have been off. my mom just got a wii now and i feel like her range is better then mine. nintendo replaced my sensorbar once already and i had to replace a wiimote as well. it seems i cannot get the...
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    Poll: Wii Remote Question (Is it just mii)?

    I am new to wii about a month and I wanted to take poll and see if its just me or are others experiencing the same type problems I am facing. (1)Do you find it hard to type your name or enter text on screen with the wii remote? Does it take alot of effort for you to keep it on the correct...
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    Sorry for the newbie questions wii mii parade etc..

    Hi All- Still pretty new to wii and i am trying to setup my mii parade area. i have a few questions i am kind of lost: (1) if i am a little bit of a loser and have no friends will any mii's showup if i am setup on the intetnet/wiiconnect24 and some of the miis are set to mingle and travel is...
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    Mii as an avatar?

    Is there a way to take my Mii and bring it to the pc or create a copy on the pc so I can use it as an avatar? thanks!
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    Wii game from UK use in USA?

    I saw there is a game Peppa Pig but it seems only available in the UK. If I buy this video will it work on my Wii in the USA? I thinks its PAL vs the USA NTSC standard. Will it work? THANKS!
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    internet help an questions as to why?

    hi all -if i have a computer already hooked up to the same tv as the wii why would I want the wii internet channel hooked up? right? or am i missing something? -if i do want wii internet to surf whats the best way to get the best internet experience out of it and will it ever match my...
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    Carnival Game help. Thanks!

    Hi All- Is there anyway to get more tickets easier? My 4 year old wants to play the claw game and it costs 25 tickets. Pain in the butt lol! How can I let him keep playing the claw game without collecting more tickets? thanks for the help.
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    Moving in and out of games faster??

    My only gripe so far with the wii is that for instance when I use Wii Fit Plus and I need to make a new character to workout it takes so long to go through all the BS that game makes you go through before you can just workout using any radom game within that game. Also with other games if say I...
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    NOOB Needs help Wii Balance Board

    Hi All- Got the family a wii weeeeeeeeee its fun :) Have a question about the balance board. Is wii fit plus the only disc that works with the balance board or are there other exercise options to use with the board? Is there more Yoga discs we could buy that use the balance board? thanks...