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  1. bxym

    I'm back, but I forgot I to do this

    What's up guys. I know it's been since 2012 but I'm here. Let's see how long it'll last
  2. bxym

    Goldeneye 007 Reloaded

    Hi I play GE 007 Reloaded alot but I 'm just asking if anyone on wiichat has the game. I'm [PRO3]CoolStoryBro902 and I'm a level 33 with two bullets
  3. bxym

    Bronies Thread

    Since the mods are tired of us bronies talking about brony stuff in the Thread Of Talking we bronies made our own thread to talk about bronies but we will still be in the talking thread we will not talk about bronies in that thread thats why I made this thread Enjoy!!! :)
  4. bxym

    Fill in the Lyrics

    Well here it is the fill in the lyrics game I think this is mandatory so lets start.Why save your ____ for a ______ day baby let the _______ take your heart away have you ever _______ ________ _ __ have you ever wanted _______ who just _____ help
  5. bxym

    College BBALL Simulator

    Hello I'm Bxym if your a college BBALL fan or just like colleges tell me and sign up for the college b-ball simulator u can take any team except North Carolina(Mine) Yeah take that duke fans but yeah I will give u updates and scores about how your team does
  6. bxym

    Who would win in a fight

    This is a thread were u post a fight for example Chuck Noris vs Weegee and the next poster says who they think wins and then they post a fight Ok I go first. Chuck...
  7. bxym

    Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

    This is a thread for your favorite ice cream flavor mines coffee
  8. bxym

    Favorite Candy

    This is a thread where u tell your favorite candy,mine is Kit-kat
  9. bxym

    LPM is here

    Well welcome guys to LPM here is the rules. 1.You will try to have fun competitive is appreciated though. 2.No hackers. 3.Trash talk if u can back it up but if u can't u will face concaquences. 4.No dirty names in your usernames. 5.You earn respect not get it. 6.There is ranks each rank makes u...
  10. bxym

    New years countdown

    This is a thread were u talk about random things before new year comes
  11. bxym

    Who on wiichat likes PANCAKES

    Yes this is a thread about who likes Pancakes. I will keep a list below of people who I already know like pancakes Kira and me. This thread is just like the bacon thread just more pancakeier.
  12. bxym

    Who is your favorite college basketball or football

    This is a thread were we talk about are favorite college basketball and football teams. Personally mines UNC even though I have hundreds more
  13. bxym

    3ds gba games

    I just recieved the 10 free games yesterday and I love them. If u don't know already Nintendo released 10 nes earlier this year and now this time they released 10 game boy advance games for free. This is only for people who have the abasserder program. The games are Fire Embelm Sacred Stones...