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    Resident Evil 5

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    Resident Evil Degeneration

    A new RE movie. This time it's all animation! Here's the official trailer:
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    Action Replay DS

    Get it. It's great. Unless you don't like cheating of course. To be honest I beat game legit and then I cheat. It's a great way to get everything you need and just to mess around. And it's only what, $20 or $30. It's def. worth the money. Positives + Amazingly simple to use. Plug it in, turn...
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    Custom Robo Arena

    In my opinion this was an outstanding game. I beat it in a day but that's because I've been hammering this game since I got it. Share your opinions. My Review: Graphics: 8/10 The Robos look great, with loads of detailed 3D. Whilst the maps are not as detailed, they have all been thought...
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    DS Download Stations

    Anybody every been to one. It's pretty cool. For those who don't know what they are; It's a place where you are able to download videos or demos of the newest DS games for free! The new DS Download Station lets you try lots of great games for your Nintendo DS before you buy. The games...
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    What DS do you have?

    Well, what type of DS do you have. Mention what type of DS you have, why you got that type, and if you had any before that. I had the original DS. I bought it the first day it came out I think. Well, maybe about a week ago my brother bought me the DS lite, Zelda Edition as an early Christmas...
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    Official "The Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass" Friend Code Thread

    Share your LOZ:PH FC's here! Mine is 335125943795. PM the person or post here if you are going to add them
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    Who Is Your Favorite Nintendo Character?

    Who Is Your Favorite Nintendo Character?
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    Aol Instant Messenger

    Hey. I currently received a few AIM screen name's (s/n's) from members of this site. I thought it would be cool to share AIM s/n's so we can talk on AIM about games, online matches and more. Now, this is a great idea but I don't want people to ruin it. So please, as a member of this community...
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    Big News!

    An article from the upcoming issue of Game Informer has been leaked and reveals several secrets yet to be announced by Nintendo. It seems that the Wii will feature a build in camera for snapshots so you can put your face on character models in the game. The ATi graphics chip is said to be...
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    Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 Online Names

    Leave your online name here so people can search you and add you to their friend list. This way one day we can have an online wii MOH tournament or any given day just verse people that you know you communicate with offline (wiichat). Here's mine: xSMOKE12x Add me and post here with your...
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    Guitar Hero 3 Official Cheats

    Special thanks to tma for finding this one. It does not work in Career, Leaderboards, Xbox Live, or Achievements. (GR) B (GR) (GY) B (GY) (RY) O (RY) (GY) Y (GY) (GR) This is the riff from "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (YB) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB) (RY) (RY) (YB) (GY) (GY) (RB)...
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    GUitar Hero Go there right now and join. It hosts torneys, has forums, and much more. And if you sign up make sure to join my tour group. The link to my tour group is at the bottom.
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    Official MCS Tag Team Match-Ups

    If you want to get together with three other people post here. You get to decide your teammate and everything. Just reply to this thread saying your team or if you don't have a partner reply to the thread as a single player and pick someone up. Then, we can have tag teams matches, sate up...
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    Ghost Squad The Gameplay reminds me of the Dino Crisis franchise...Looks like a great game though. This is a game that is worth my money. Is it worth your's??? State your opinion here.
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    Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

    Donkey Kong Barrel Blast Hands-on The US version has arrived. Check out our updated impressions, including tons of new screens. by Bozon September 25, 2007 - Over the last few months we've had a chance to do some pretty extensive coverage of the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Barrel Blast...
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    Mario Strikers Charged Friend Code Exchange

    I know that there are a few other threads dealing with this situation but they're not all that great/organized. So I'm starting a new one. My friend code is to the left. Reply to this thread so I can add you.
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    Pokemon Revolution

    It should be coming out mid-last quarter of 2007
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    Syncing Controllers

    To sync open the front of the wii. Open the back of ur wiimote. Hold the button on back of wiimote for 2 seconds. the while you rstill holding it hold the button on the wii slot that you opened after 2-4 seconds you will hear a noise and you controllers will be synced.
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    Dont buy controllers you dont need.

    On the top of the Wii there are 4 slots for gamecube controllers so you dont have to buy the wii controllers that look like the NES ones.