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    Wii VGA

    Is there anyone or does anyone know if there is a an adapter for vga? Does anyone have a setup like this and what do you use?
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    Gamecube games

    Is there a proper way to shutdown gamecube games on the Wii? I just bought a controller, memory card, and new gamecube game so that my nephew can play pokemon xd. However, for some reason, it's not saving correctly. Whenever I save, it says the save was successful. However, the next time I...
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    Pokemon XD

    Hey fellow wii members, Well, I have always wanted the Pokemon games on the gamecube system for my younger nephew and I but never had a Gamecube. Now, that I have a wii, I would like to get the game. However, I still have some questions. I know that you can use the gc controller and the...
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    Hello all. Odd that this is my first post, but it is. =D I was browsing around and saw a couple cool signatures. Such as the ones that have like a little movie playing in it. How do you guys do that and with which program?