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    nope, sorry mate

    nope, sorry mate
  3. Finch

    Goldeneye Friends misshap

    So i thought that entering another players friend code would just send them a request, i didnt know you had to have them enter yours. Anyways i attempt pted to add a bunch of you only to find out you needed to enter mine. Could the people i added add me back. You obviously dont have to, but it...
  4. Finch

    Hackers & Cheaters – Oh my….

    I have ran into quite a few hackers lately. There was the auto noob tube guy a few times as well as the xp boosted lobby. I got into one hacked game that was actually kind of fun. It was melee only on memorial. Another hack gave every person on golden gun martyrdom... that was rather annoying.
  5. Finch

    Getting a 30 Streak in GE

    Here you guys are talking about getting 30 streaks and i am getting excited over my 3rd conflict win...:confused:
  6. Finch

    The 'Official' Post-Game Thread!

    Randomly ran into Koopa last night for a game, we both played horribly. I was attempting to snipe most of the game, not my strong suite. Anyways, I am going to add a bunch of you guys to my friends list, hopefully i will be able to play with you.
  7. Finch

    Hackers & Cheaters – Oh my….

    i encountered a guy with a hack that immediately killed every person that spawned, absolutely retarded. Jumped out of there as quick as possible.
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    Best user names

    mine is finch
  9. Finch

    Best user names

    Played against Bruce Wii today
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    Best user names

    i played against someone named bone, didn't seem that good until the game stated "Bone is the Top Dog"
  11. Finch

    Getting Decimated

    I picked up this game for fun. Its one of my first console fps and i have been getting absolutely destroyed online. I commonly go 5kills-15death,7-20,3-18 ect. I have had a few games were i got 20+ kills, but the vast majority i have been destroyed, often ending up with the most deaths. I have...