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  1. skidmarx

    Cool - Not Cool (the critic's list)

    COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL 1 Michael Jackson is cool all over again SHAMONA!!!!!! 2 Stuffed Prezels YUMMMM!!!!! 3 Reading Books is good for you kids! put down the iphone and read! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAA NOT COOL 1 Seth...
  2. skidmarx

    nintendo download dec 15th

    3DS Virtual Console: Blaster Master: Enemy Below ($4.99) Originally on Game Boy Color this sequel looks sameish as the Nes cart original a must have if you liked the first one. Why does 3DS get this and wii don't? Unfair bias if you ask me. Dsiware: Elite Forces (800pts) action/strategy...
  3. skidmarx

    Frank Zappa (for the poor souls who haven't heard of him) The last genuine musical genuis who lived. His son Dweezil still does tribute stuff. RIP Hmm still waiting for Sean Lennon and Frances Bean Cobain to hit it big. Avenge the pop charts!
  4. skidmarx

    LOZ:SS: Nintendo Acknowledges Game Ending Glitch It's a shame the wii cannot patch games, and other than fixing the next batch of discs Nintendo has apollogized and released a statement on how to avoid said glitch. I would not worry...
  5. skidmarx

    vc/wiiware dec1 2011

    forgot to deliver the lastest update: 3ds virtual console: Adventure Island (originally on Gameboy) $3.99 dsiware: double bloob (500 pts) and House. M.D. -Episode 5: Under the big top (800pts) Wiiware: Xmas Puzzle (500 pts) I wouldn't mind having adventure island as part of my...
  6. skidmarx

    My Skyrim Review 8.7 out of 10

    Graphics/Sound (Xbox 360) - 8.2 Storyline - 7.5 Gameplay - 9.9 Controlls - 8.0 Character Development and Replay Value - 10.1 Overall - 8.7 The Good: Amazing size of a world to explore, random quests, loot and enemies, and difficulty settings right for any player. The Great...
  7. skidmarx

    Boston Bruins win Stanley Cup!

    First time since 1972. Newfoundland hero Micheal Ryder gets to bring a Cup back here and the city of Boston has 4 championship teams with the Celtics, Patroits and Red Soxs. Anyone lovin' it? edit-guess not in the news riots in Vancouver. boooooooooo
  8. skidmarx

    too many subforums!!!!!!!

    Ockham's Razor- "entities should not be multiplied beyond neccessity" I agree a Wii2 rumors sub forum is a good idea BUT look close at the list of subforums. Clearly we have many that do pretty much the same thing, a lot of them barely get used, and with traffic today it wastes time to look...
  9. skidmarx

    student research thread

    hows it goin :) I would love give you all reasons for hating your homework but will tell you stories of my own research still going in thirties. I Present: The Sense of Beauty Being The Outline Of Aesthetic Theory George Santana 1896 ---------------------------------- I'll take...
  10. skidmarx

    Duck Hunt 2 revealed

    It's got tons of new gameplay, 6 game modes and features the original duck hunt as an unlockable bonus. DH2 is completely compatible with the zapper and other gun peripherals. The screenshots can be found at...
  11. skidmarx

    baseball thread 2011

    so getting back to talking about games spring training is wrapping up and i'll take any and all baseball rants no matter what country your in or league you play. :) I think the blue jays will shoot .500 again this year and have a few winning streaks but are really building players and they're...
  12. skidmarx

    psp successor - interview with Andrew House hopefully they make up for psp go lots of people didn't like it. i couldn't care less but thought some of you might be interested :)
  13. skidmarx

    regarding my age and age in general

    I'm nearly 33 and sometimes it is tough being on a forum dominated by teenagers. I've been at the site long enough to watch some of you grow up into fine young gentleman and ladies and it is nice that we have a lot more to talk about :thumbsup: as a sidenote we often get questions from parents...
  14. skidmarx

    3DS hands-on events

    just got an email from nintendo you might find interesting. here's the link:
  15. skidmarx

    gambling thread

    disclaimer: gambling can be VERY DESTRUCTIVE but when it's legal and enjoyed by responsible adults it is all fair play. i don't wanna give younger members the impression that i'm pissing all my money away; on the contrary i'm doing it as cheap as possible. just testing out the subject. i...
  16. skidmarx

    grooveshark down for maintenance

    sad panda :frown5: it's my favorite place for background music. now i have to go on youtube or see if my stereo still works :frown5:
  17. skidmarx

    we dare trailer lmao! sooooooo wrong that it's a little bit right.... ok maybe not :lol: need some input from the ladies out there.... would you buy it or let your boyfriend think it's a good idea, or just slap him for even suggesting it :lol:
  18. skidmarx

    the wii deserves a good baseball game!

    mlb 2k11 - cover Roy Halliday - coming march 8th it's probably gonna suck donkey balls, but i've been itchin' to get a wii baseball game for years now. if anyone is interested let me know so we can try out online mode. edit- tried to link it but it's simple enough to look up, sorry...
  19. skidmarx

    the best bands you probably never heard of!

    since we have a very international community i thought it would be cool to share some music that most members would be unfamiliar with. only two rules: 1 no mainstream BS and 2 stuff without much offensive content. some of my favorites: Strapping Young Lad (00's metal)...
  20. skidmarx

    NA download Feb 21th

    Wiiware: Cozy Fire & Jewel Keepers: Easter Island (both 500 pts)- cozy fire is like a tv fireplace channel and jewel keepers seems similar to tetris and columns type games. Wiiware demos: Rage of the gladiator & Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 1 (both free) *drum roll* Virtual Console...