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  1. WiiGirl2006

    Animal Crossing: Wild World

    I know Animal Crossing Wild World has been out for a long time, but I just got it for my new DS. I wanted some friend codes so I can expand my friend list. Does anyone even play it anymore? If so here is my code........ 090376383562 Ashwii Pink Post me your code then. Thanks...
  2. WiiGirl2006

    This is just messed up!

    Once again Nintendo has let me down. A couple months ago my Nintendo Wii's saved files got corrupted and I lost everything I had. I also had to send it in and get "fixed". Well I got my Wii back and everything was fine for about a month until my Wii started freezing up on me, especially...
  3. WiiGirl2006

    Why does my Wii have to act like this!

    Alright I am not the type to get mad about little things but this is irrating me. I got my Wii back from repairs, about a month or so ago, and now its acting up again!!!! It doesn't do it all the time, but pretty frequent. I will be playing a game or just goofing around on the wii and it will...
  4. WiiGirl2006

    I got my Wii back!

    Hey Peoplez, I finally got my Wii back yesterday morning. I sent my Wii back to Nintendo because my saved files got corrupted, like two weeks ago. I am so happy to have it back!! The bad thing tho is that none of my saved game data could be saved!!! All those 70 hours of Zelda are gone! I...
  5. WiiGirl2006

    Just a quick question on the Wii codes.

    My Wii just died on me and Nintendo is sending me a knew one. Does this mean I lose all my friends? Plus does this mean I have a totally new code:confused: ? If anyone could let me know I wouldn't greatly appreciate it. Thanks! ~Ashley
  6. WiiGirl2006

    Corrupted Saved Files

    Yeah so I was playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for about five hours and I got pretty far, almost done, but anyways. So my Dad came down stairs and said why don't we play Wii Sports? I said sure and we played a couple rounds of Tennis, baseball, bowling, and golfing. Then we did the...
  7. WiiGirl2006

    Having problems with Mario Kart controllers

    My Dad and I just downloaded Mario Kart 64 and we pluged the nintendo gamecube controllers in but when we hit the icon to play it says you must plug in classic controllers. It won't let me do anything after that but take me back to the main menu, I looked at the game on the Wii Virtual Console...
  8. WiiGirl2006

    A teaser of the new Resident Evil is in this trailor!

    Look carefully and you will see it.
  9. WiiGirl2006

    Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii?

    Just looking around on the Web and found this website with an article about DDR for the Nintendo Wii.
  10. WiiGirl2006

    My Wiimote wouldnt work in boxing.

    Last night I was playing my Wii with my dad. We were playing boxing on the Wii Sports. Everything was working fine and I was beating my Dad lol. Then all of the sudden my Wiimote froze on the screen. I mean the game was going and everything, but the one mit was stuck and when I pushed the...
  11. WiiGirl2006

    How do you make a signature?

    Alright so I have been looking around at everyones graphics and such for signatures. I can not figure out where you make them or even how. So if someone could give me a suggestion I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!
  12. WiiGirl2006

    New member from PA

    Hello All! New member here. My name is Ashley and I live in PA. Of course I am a Wii lover and enjoy playing every minute I can. I'm kinda new to this sort of thing, the posting and such, and would like some feedback. Thanks!:D