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    Gay Marrige

    Alright, this thread is basically just spam now, so I'm closing it.
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    the shy guy appreciater group.

    Go here to create a group:
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    Does God exist?

    Thing is, most religions the same thing, that they are the 'true path' to God. So call it what you like, but to me Christianity is still a religion.
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    Does God exist?

    Have you ever considered the possibility that Protestants are just guilty of distorting the Bible to fit their own desires? I mean, it's not like anyone has the original copy to hand to check (the Dead Sea scrolls are about as close as we're likely to get). By the way, just to let you know, I'm...
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    Does God exist?

    But Islam doesn't have that problem, of course. :lol:
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    I'll go one better and close it.

    I'll go one better and close it.
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    Your Fav. Anime OP/Ending

    Best opening themes: Serial Experiments Lain: Texhnolyze: Eden of the East: Ghost Hound: Best...
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    LOST Season 6

    I would love to have seen how the series would have turned out with Eko still in it. Apparently the writers had planned a 4 year arc for him. :(
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    Does God exist?

    Don't worry. If I was worried about being 'saved' then I wouldn't be an atheist.
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    Does God exist?

    It would certainly have been very different, but I don't think if it would have been any better or worse. We'd still have wars, because humans are ultimately quite prone to violence and tribal-like instincts. Even without religion, people still find other ideologies to fight over- Stalin and Mao...
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    What are you listening to??

    Super Furry Animals - Presidential Suite
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    What anime are you watching at the moment?

    Finished xxxHolic. Now, I think it's finally about time I watched Welcome to the NHK (I've been meaning to see it for quite a while now).
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    Does God exist?

    Good point. I suppose a better definition might be 'someone who believes that Jesus is their one true saviour', which would exclude Muslims, Jews, etc. (although it would include Mormons and JWs).
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    Does God exist?

    Unorthodox yes, but still followers of Jesus. I guess it depends on what your definition of 'Christian' is (I would define it as someone who believes in the teachings of Jesus, although admittedly I don't know too much about Christian theology).
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    Does God exist?

    I've always wanted to know, why do so many people not consider Mormons and JWs to be Christians? I mean, they follow Jesus' teachings and believe he was the son of God, don't they?
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    Does God exist?

    You'd leave your entire religion just because of a few little mistakes by the writers? See, this is something I don't get about some religious people. Why does it have to be all or nothing when it comes to the Qur'an and or the Bible or whatever? Inspired by God they may have been, but they...
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    Does God exist?

    Now, now, let's not resort to childish name-calling, Navarre. Every religion has denominations. And of course, there is another complication: the existence of "fringe" denominations (e.g. Mormonism, Druze, etc.) and whether they count as part of the religion.
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    Does God exist?

    That quote has nothing to do with evolution. He's talking about abiogenesis. Personally I just think he lacks imagination- just because we don't know how life can come about naturally now, doesn't mean we never will. Creationists have some cheek to accuse evolutionary scientists of not...
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    Does God exist?

    To be fair, Earth's been doing pretty well so far for over 4 billion years.