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  1. Bowserizer

    LOST Season 6

    Premiere was tonight. It was great. Go nuts. Discussions of Season 6, the final season, and the show in general can be made here. What do we all think?
  2. Bowserizer

    Disgaea 3 help...

    I lost on a level and now I'm just done? Like whenever you lose thats it? I was in the second world and now I'm back at the beginning?
  3. Bowserizer

    Super Stardust HD

    I bought Super Stardust HD recently, and I have come to enjoy it very much. I have found it to be one of the most addicting, time consuming, all-around fun games out there. It is easily the best game for the PSN in my opinion (better than any XBL games) and has been more enjoyed by many good PS3...
  4. Bowserizer

    Top PSN games

    Everybody post your favorite PSN games and why, so everyone can see the popular opinion and know which games to buy! :D