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    GHIII Stand Alone Guitar - Ripoff

    So they are now available to pre-order/buy in the UK [Dunno about other places] But for £44? I won't be buying one of these I tell you. £44 is such a rip-off Link
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    *New Macbook Air*

    Anyone heard of this? I do like alot of the features such as Pinch and Grab on the Pad. And the fact that it's REALLY small. However, one problem I do have with it is that theres no Disc Drive They have brought out a separate Disc Drive or you can bluetooth Disc files from another PC or MAC...
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    Guitar Hero III Groups.

    Sorry to advertise If you fit our criteria: - From UK - GHIII Wii Player Wii Rockers UK Join!
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    Request Of A GHIII Sub Forum

    Basically we want a GHIII Sub Forum :) Theres 3 threads that can be stickied straight away, along with all the other GHIII threads being moved in there :) Europe FC Thread Australia FC Thread Those two can be stickied :)
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    Official 'Europe' GHIII Online Code Thread

    Ok It's Simple - For europe only. - State your name. - State your preferred level of play. - Post your code. - Don't leave messages such as 'Add me [Username Here]' Just post the information needed. - If you are going to add them, PERSONAL MESSAGE them. Name: Smurf Level: Hard Code...
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    My Own Router/Striker Issues

    Ok I dunno if it's my Router or Strikers so I'll post it here Ok heres my set-up first of all Router - PC Linked up to Router Wireless [IP 1] - Brothers laptop Licked up to Router Wireless [IP 2] - Wii Linked up to Router Wirelessly [Uses A 3rd IP?] Anyways my Wii online works fine...
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    Strike Games

    Why not? - Discuss Strike Series Link
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    Strikers Problem!

    Ok so my Wii will connect to the Internet and send messages etc But on Strikers It will log in and connect. But won't find ANY matches After about a minute of trying it just errors and sends me back to the main menu Does anyone else get this? I mean the Internet works fine on my Wii usually...
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    UK Only MSCF Tournament!

    Yes, I want to start another. Now that people have the game and that I want to do a little night of Tournament. 16 Players will be in it And we'll do it in this Thread What do people think Over 1 night for UK players only! Entries:: Wii_Smurf Cpt.McCloud Dildeep5 Shevko FRuMMaGe
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    BT And Nintendo

    Saw this on the Nintendo Europe Site Link Weird but True
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    My New MP3 Player?

    What to get. I was thinking of getting the Creative Zen. I currently have the Creative Zen V Plus and I'm really happy with the Quality of the Creative MP3 Players, It's currently 2Gb but I want an 8Gb for my 11Gb of Music haha. Creative Zen Link One feature of this that strikes me is that...
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    RHCP - She's Only 18

    This is about Music and Mario so I just put it in here Ok the song 'She's Only 18' by Red Hot Chili Peppers [It's on their newest album] If you have it listen to it. If not use this Youtube link Listen between the times of 2:40 and 2:45 I swear...
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    8-0 To Liverpool

    C'mon Thats all I have to say Vs: Besiktas
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    Couple 'O Problems With MP3

    I'll just fire them off - Sometimes when I shoot doors they don't open for awhile. - Im on 5 hours and thats 18%, Seriously I don't want a 20 hour game. I though It'd be 40 at least =[ The door thing. Anyone else have this problem Also sometimes when I go to the map it takes longer...
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    Keyboards Now Work

    Following the update USB keyboards now work on the Wii however only with sending messsages and NOT with the online channel. Well at least its progress, thoughts?
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    England Smoking Ban

    From today [July 1st] throughout England you will no longer be able to smoke in ANY public place. So what do you guys think of this ban? I personally like it. I don't smoke so it's all good :) Source
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    Brawl Clans!

    Just too many of them, Check this out..... [Just from the first page of the brawl thread]
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    Mods appearing Offline

    Should they be allowed to do this? I mean if theres a problem I usually check This thread and contact a Mod who can help me in that part of the Forum, But if they are all offline theres nothing I can do except guess which ones are appearing Offline and which ones are actually Offline, annoy's me
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    New Mario Party 8 Microsite

    Here It Is - Enjoy And Discuss :)
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    Wiichat Strikers Tournament Replacement Thread

    I am asking for people who aren't in the tournament but can go online with strikers to step forward and be a replacement Just in case some people drop out of the first round I'll need definate replacements to use. It is only for the first round but I'll need you. After the first round the...