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  1. Wii_NINJA

    Kingdom hearts RP sign up

    iv'e been doing this KH RP with my boyfriend and i decided i want to take this into a bigger state and make this rp so more ppl can be in it. there will be NO DISNEY CHARACTERS included in this one so you all know. each character can be made up or one of the main KH characters (disney ones...
  2. Wii_NINJA

    If you had a Death Note?

    If you had a Death Note who would you kill, where would they die,when would they die,how would they die and why would you kill this person WHO: Mario HOW: by making him comit suicide WHEN: right when he's about to save princess Peach WHY: because HE TRIED TO KILL LINK
  3. Wii_NINJA

    Words that sound bad but arent

    here write down a word that sounds bad but in reality it's not. such as..... Glomp
  4. Wii_NINJA

    whats your second language?????

    ok now tell me what other language(s) you speak and puts some words in that language if you want to for me i can speak German and Furry German: Hallo, wie ghet's? Ich bin Wii_NINJA Furry: Yiff, yip, bark
  5. Wii_NINJA

    ROLE PLAYING (all welcome)

    okay this thread is for role playing. the next person after this is will be establishing the setting. all people are welcome as long as your not too violent. ok thanks for reading now go get ROLE PLAYING ^_^.
  6. Wii_NINJA

    Poems for all

    I lay in this soft white snow Staring at the moon lit sky, While in the distance the cry of a Lonely wolf could be heard, As I lay there I think of My beloved for he has been Lost within the shadows, All I have now is the memory of him, I feel as though I have died, But I have not...