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  1. 1337endo

    Halo 3: ODST

    Talk about it all you want/can here. The game looks awesome of course, got it pre-ordered today. Can't wait for Firefight mode. Turns out I might have it on the release date after all, but no promises. Only 10 days left! Here's a good Rooster Teeth ODST video...
  2. 1337endo

    Logitech Reveals Guitar Hero Peripherals for Wii My thoughts: they look awesome and durable, but they're out of my price range for Guitar Hero controllers. =/
  3. 1337endo

    Your Favorite Mini-Game?

    What's your favorite mini-game in Resort? Mine has to be Sword-Fighting. The stages where you go forward hitting and knocking out people with one hit from the sword is a blast!
  4. 1337endo

    Americans: Happy Independence Day!

    Truly makes me proud to be American. Have a good day folks. (Even non-Americans. ;) )
  5. 1337endo

    Americans: Happy Memorial Day

    Remember to give thanks today for all of those who gave their lives for our freedom and those who are fighting for us today. For non-Americans, have a nice day. :thumbsup:
  6. 1337endo

    Modern Warfare 2 Trailer Released Just released tonight. Thoughts? It looks amazing, as expected.
  7. 1337endo

    Take A Ride On The WiiChat Time Machine May 19, 2006 apparently. Enjoy the vintage posts. :thumbsup:
  8. 1337endo

    Mythic Map Pack

    Did anyone get it at all and willing to play a couple of custom games with me? I'm dying for a 1v1 on Orbital. Thanks!
  9. 1337endo

    MLB 2k9 IGN Hands-On No online this year, it's quite ridiculous. This should be a standard for all Wii sports titles now. However, I noticed IGN posted in the article: Does that mean there will be roster updates via Wi-Fi connection? If so, I'll pick up this game...
  10. 1337endo

    Crytek Buys Free Radical

    This isn't really Wii-related news, but since Timesplitters 4 was predicted to be a Wii release, I feel this deserved to be posted: Source All I can say is that this is probably the best news I've heard this year. Hopefully they resume work on Timesplitters 4. I was so distraught when...
  11. 1337endo

    Xfire/Steam Thread

    w00t for the Technology Lounge (I assume this includes PC talk too)! Go ahead and post your Xfire username and/or Steam ID and the game you play. Xfire: yanks96 Steam ID: yankees96 Games I Play: Call Of Duty: United Offensive, Call Of Duty 2, Call Of Duty 4, Call Of Duty World At War, Counter...
  12. 1337endo

    Any luck with Toon Link?

    Been trying to unlock him for all of today, and the "beat Classic mode with Link" method won't seem to work :( Anybody know the REAL way? Thanks.
  13. 1337endo

    Link or Ike?

    Hello. Over the past few weeks, I have been debating over who will be the better Swordsman in Brawl: Link or Ike? After seeing numerous videos of the two, it has been hard to decide who I think will be better. Now I was always a Link purist in melee(didn't use up-B too much:lol: ) but am getting...
  14. 1337endo

    EB GAMES: Pre-order and Midnight launch Q's

    Hi, my local EB Games is having a midnight launch. If you did not pre-order, do you think they would have extras? And would anyone know if it's too late to pre-order? I know I'm a little late to the race =/ Thanks.
  15. 1337endo

    GDC Nintendo keynote?

    Did it happen yet?
  16. 1337endo

    Guitar Hero 3 question

    So does it have Wi-Fi for the Wii? Meaning we can play each other? Can someone clear this up for me, thanks.
  17. 1337endo

    After the game ends....

    Can you still go around places? Or does it end permanently? Thanks
  18. 1337endo

    Question about Poes

    Do they only come out at night?
  19. 1337endo


    Any chance the series will come back at all on the Wii platform? The series was amazing, I hope one day it will come.
  20. 1337endo


    How goes it? I'm new to WiiChat, joined because Nintendo's official forums closed down :( My original name was WiiLoveKatamari if anyone recognizes me. Well, glad to be here.:yesnod: