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  1. Koopa007

    Gamefaqs vs Wiichat Round 3

    i saw a post of Steve bringing up the topic of another round of WC vs faqs. We've done 2 of these before. Nobody repsonded i think. I actually think it a good idea, except i'm not sure if WC can field enough willing active players. Aside from E7 members not many on WC tend to participate in...
  2. Koopa007

    Mushroom Kingdom Clan

    Mushroom Kingdom Hi all, with this i'm making a thread for the Mushroom Kingdom Clan. Rules: 1. No Hacking/cheating 2. Kindly limit spamming toob, proxyton 3. Have a minimum of respect for your fellow clanmates ANYONE can join. You can play with your main and just switch your name with the...
  3. Koopa007

    This is Goldeneye: a montage feat. al thel weapons and maps

    I made this because i though it would keep the game interesting (playing with different weapons), because i haven't seen it done before, and as an answer to all those who feel this game can only be played with a toob/proxyton. I think i'm the first to ever do this, i can be wrong ofcourse. To...
  4. Koopa007

    PAL War: Greek Gods vs E7

    There has been talk of this before, but i'm wondering it can actually be done? Arrange a time/date that works for us all. Trev, can you war with your Mistake profile? That way we can do a lvl 45 cap.
  5. Koopa007

    Rematch WiiChat vs Gamefaqs

    Hi guys, i just posted this on Gamefaqs, with any luck there is a positive response like last time: Not so long ago we had ourselves a fun tourney in which players from mainly WiiChat went up against players from mainly Gamefaqs. Now today i ran into a guy named Diego[WC], and the tag...
  6. Koopa007

    GE World Cup Benelux

    Hello everybody. I don't know if any of you know this but at the moment there is a thought to organize (for fun) a GE World Cup. In it representatives of their respective countries will face off against each other. Benelux, at he moment has about 5 members willing to participate (Me, and...
  7. Koopa007

    Why am I the host?

    I was wondering if someone could answer the following question. When a friend invites me for a party. And this friend is the team leader. How is it that 8/10 i end up as the game host? Has it something to do with the fact that i've got a wired connection? It's infuriating, considering that it...
  8. Koopa007

    Loadout Strata/Ivana

    I was wondering what are your loadouts for these guns? And more specifically, do any of you use HH on them? It seems pointless to me, but maybe i'm wrong?