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    The World Asunder

    THE WORLD ASUNDER A Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure INTRODUCTION Seithr—an ancient energy thought to have brought mankind into existence when the world was new. The initial world oozed seithr from cracks in the ground as gas, and the first rainfalls carried droplets of seithr. The early races...
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    The World Asunder (Sign-Up and OOC Discussion)

    THE WORLD ASUNDER A Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure INTRODUCTION Seithr—an ancient energy thought to have brought mankind into existence when the world was new. The initial world oozed seithr from cracks in the ground as gas, and the first rainfalls carried droplets of seithr. The early races...
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    StarEdge-The COSMOS Project (Official RP)

    StarEdge: The COSMOS Project Sign-Up Thread: -BEGIN...
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    StarEdge- Official Sign-Up and OOC Discussion

    WiiChat has gone for a while now without a good, old-fashioned RP. Too long, and no longer. StarEdge: The COSMOS Project -BEGIN TRANSMISSION-...
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    Well, my friend, my brother and I just finished our first play-through of Heavy Rain. I'd say we got a pretty good ending (I won't spoil anything just yet unless other people know what happened). I honestly was totally blown away by the game. It felt so unique, so different... I quite...
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    Super Smash Bros. Alternate Plot: The Rise of Nefirus

    Two years ago, on a cold winter’s day, a man named Phil Smith had an idea. A grand idea. He would gather a group of like-minded (that is to say, nerdy) people and write a story. And not just any story. A story featuring characters from some of the most beloved videogame of all time weaved...
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    The Futurama Thread

    Frankly, I'm surprised there wasn't one sooner. For those sad meatbags out there who have never heard of Futurama, here's a quick (or as quick as I can make it) sum-up of its unique history as a television show. Futurama is the creation of Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, and David...
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    Ultimate Spiderman

    OK, so here's the deal: I was supposed to get a big Christmas present from my parents, but since it turned out to be out of stock, I can get something else instead (I know it's late). I've always been a huge fan of Marvel (particularly Spider-Man) but I've never really had the chance to look...
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    Guy does awesome Megaman theme on guitar!!! This guy ROCKS!!! does anyone else know any good videogame remixes for the guitar?
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    Getting an Infinite Combo

    I figured out a way to get an infinite combo with Mr. Game and Watch. This is extremely useful if you want to get the secret trophies that require a certain number of combos in training mode. First, go to training and select Mr. Game and Watch. for the COM, select any character (I used Fox)...
  11. GigaRidley

    Question about Boss Trophies

    I know that you're supposed to throw a trophy stand at them when their health is low to get the trophy, but you don't seem to be able to do this since you can't bring the trophy stands into the battles. Am I missing something?
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    GigaRidley Reviews #2: Rampage: Total Destruction

    (NOTE: If you want to see my first review, on SSBB, go to the super smash bros. brawl forum and enter the thread of ssbb reviews) *SPOILERS* Yeah, yeah, I know this is a launch game, but I felt like reviewing it anyway. Rampage: Total Destruction is the latest in a series of games (the...
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    GigaRidley Reviews #1: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    I've been planning to do this for a while, so here goes. If all goes well, I'll review other games so it'll be a series! P.S: If I do make more, they'll probably be in the Nintendo Wii Gaming subforum. *SPOILERS* Alright, so unless you've been living in a cave or small hole for...
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    The One Character That Would've Made Brawl Perfect

    COUNT BLECK. (Bet you thought I was gonna say Ridley, huh?) C'mon, you know he's awesome. He's a monocle and top-hat wearing vampiresque gentleman who happens to have an entire dimension up his cape (like Cloak from Spiderman, and we all know how cool he is). He has a book that predicts the...
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    The Final Hour: Looking back at the buildup to Brawl (SPOILERS)

    Well, this is it, 10 days left till brawl. It's been a long journey, but now American gamers are finally going to get the title we've been waiting for. From that first, awe-inspiring teaser (in which Snake and the often-discussed Final Smashes was revealed to an unexpecting world) & the smash...
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    SEARS sells Brawl early???

    All right... get ready for some big news. SEARS released Brawl today. That's right, today. I didn't believe it at first either, but I called my local SEARS and they said that they had begun selling it today but it was currently out of stock. same with all the other SEARS I called. I tried...
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    Who's going to the midnight release?

    I don't know if all gamestops are doing this, but I called my local Gamestop a few days ago and they said they're doing a midnight release of Brawl. I know I am definately going to the release of one of the most highly anticipated games ever; who else is?
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    Link's Final Smash: NOT A one-hit KO

    Well, I was looking on youtube at characters movesets and I decided to watch Link's. Now these videos not only have the movesets but also have the character's final smash. So I was very surprised to see that at the end of the video, Link did his final smash and yoshi didn't die! Now, I am...
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    Super Smash Bros. 4 Characters: A Speculatory Thread *SPOILERS*

    With super smash brothers brawl's american release on the horizon, and japan already having the long-awaited game, many avid smash bros. fans already know the full roster for brawl. Although it won't happen for at least another few years, I've begun to think about what characters might be...
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    Characters that SHOULDN'T be in brawl

    i got the idea for this topic when I saw all of these threads that weere discussing characters that should be in brawl. So that got me thinking, what about the characters that should NEVER be in any smash bros. game? Thus, this thread. Basically, just say a character that should NEVER,EVER be...