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  1. Chewy

    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is now freeware If anyone liked Morrowind or Oblivion this games seems like it is definitely worth checking out. It features a gigantic map which is supposedly over 62,000 square miles. Installation instructions are included in the article(you'll need a DOS...
  2. Chewy

    Battlefield: Bad Company

    Anybody else have this game? It's basically like COD4 mixed with Battlefield 2, and then some. You can blow up walls on buildings and basically everything you can see. If you don't have it, I would definitely recommend getting it. It's only $20 for some reason(online is still going strong).
  3. Chewy

    Wirless Adapters

    I was wanting to get a wireless adapter for my 360 so I could play it on my upstairs TV, but I really don't want to buy the official one since it is a complete ripoff. Does anyone know if the alternative ones work good or have any ones with good prices that they'd like to suggest? I just...
  4. Chewy

    Organizing Albums

    Since the my xbox thinks its cool to only rip one song at a time on burned CDs(legal ones mind you), some of the albums I put on my 360 are all spread out in different albums. So is there any way I can put different albums together so I don't have a bunch of one song albums? Also, why the hell...
  5. Chewy

    Firefox problems on vista

    I've been using firefox for a while and it's worked fine but now it is running a lot slower then usual. What it seems to be doing is loading images all one at a time instead of all at once like it usually does. The plug-ins that I have are No-Script, AdBlockerPlus, IETtab, web developer, and a...
  6. Chewy

    Warning to those who go to IGN

    Just to let those of you who have still managed to not find out about the full SSBB roster, IGN doesn't seem to care about spoiling the game anymore. The main update in the wii section spoils 3 characters in its description. And they also spoil the rest of them in the images without warning...
  7. Chewy

    New Wii Exclusive: Monster Lab

    Link to Interview: Screen shots: Videos:
  8. Chewy

    Starting Roster Officially Revealed No surprises really, just the characters on the dojo minus Snake and Sonic. There is also a lot of info on those characters listed. Such as: Dedede's side smash is the strongest move out of starters PT's pokemon get fatigued after a couple of minutes Wario's...
  9. Chewy

    What are you listening to right now?

    I know this has been done before but the thread was too old to post in. Right now I'm listening to Seresta by Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. What are you listening to?
  10. Chewy


    Anybody ever heard of them? They're a really good "jamtronica" band.(kind of hard to describe their genre) They only have 1 album out so far but it never gets old, its one of my favorite albums of all time. They're kind of underground though, you can check some of their music out at...
  11. Chewy

    The Prophet Was Wrong

    So remember thealmightygoat, the prophet that predicted several things such as the dragoon attack and claimed to have inside sources? Well, he was just making stuff up. He was wrong about one of charizard's moves so he admitted that it was all a hoax. A pretty damn good hoax if you ask me...
  12. Chewy


    Has anybody seen the zeitgeist movie? It says that our money is worth nothing amongst many other crazy things. The 9/11 theories and the Jesus theories have been debunked, but I can't find any sites debunking the part about the Federal Reserve. Here is a link to the federal reserve part...
  13. Chewy

    Metroid prime friend vouchers

    Does anybody want to exchange them? I have around 12 to give.
  14. Chewy

    Dissappointing news about RE:UC

    Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicals isn't going to be a survival adventure like the ones before it, but a shooter with a fixed path instead. I'm guessing that means that it is going to be like one of those arcade games with the guns that you don't control where you are going, but just shoot...
  15. Chewy

    First 30 minutes of paper mario

    I found this video of the first 30 minutes of Super Paper Mario.
  16. Chewy

    Whoops, didn't notice this forum

    Well, I started posting before I posted in here, but oh well. I'm Chewy, nice to meet you all.
  17. Chewy

    Music on the Wii?

    I think it's kind of ridiculous how the Wii can't even play music CDs, considering the Playstation 1 could do that. Does anybody know if they are planning anything in the future so it will be able to do this?