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  1. SensesFail

    Replaced Broken PS3, what did i miss?

    i had a ps3 with a broken blu-ray drive for quite some time now (since before the release of uncharted 2) but i bought a slim today. i also bought uncharted 2. since i havent had a PS3 i havent been keeping up with all the news on releases. anything i missed? i'm talking exlcusives only. i...
  2. SensesFail


    anybody else get it today? its awesome, it reminds me of playing an MMO wich is good since i had to sell my gaming pc a few months ago and i kinda miss playing them.
  3. SensesFail

    Screw Sony!

    my ps3's blu-ray drive broke today and those criminals want 150 plus shipping and tax to fix the damn problem. i'd just buy a new ps3 and get a freakin warrenty before i pay that much for a repair. it really pisses me off cause a lot of people have this problem lately and it's dominant in the...
  4. SensesFail

    Wet Demo

    I just wanted to let you all know the wet demo is definately worth checking out. i really didnt like anything about this game, i wasnt even following it but i saw the demo on the marketplace today and decided what the heck ill give it a shot and it is awesome! it really reminded me of a mix...
  5. SensesFail

    My latest xbox Project!

    i know i mention it in the video as well as the video description but i am NOT trying to sell the xbox on this forum. i just wanna show it off :) lol what do you guys think? go ahead and comment the video too if youd like, it might help when i do goto sell it. be nice though, im new to...
  6. SensesFail

    Modern Warfare 2 Hardened Edition WTF Infinity Ward. 20 dollars for an art book and a download of the original call of duty, wich is 15 bucks anyways. im pretty sure most of us wanted a double xp, and some in game downloads or somthing...
  7. SensesFail

    Fallout 3: Point Lookout Thread

    well this releases tomarrow and i cant wait to play it but im waiting a day or 2 to download it cause last time i downloaded broken steel and the achievements i got still havent shown up, says i have them but didnt add the score so it says i have 1000 right now. anyways the new weapons are...
  8. SensesFail


    Anybody else pick this game up last night? So far it's been pretty good. the combat/running feels really smooth most of the time but when you get indoors its just too hectic it gets hard to do specific moves cause your constantly being thrown around.
  9. SensesFail

    ~Official~ inFAMOUS thread

    anybody else get this game today? so far im loving it. it actually kinda reminds me of the spiderman games a little bit, obviously its a lot better than spiderman but the formats are similar.
  10. SensesFail

    PS3 firmware wont update

    When i go to sign in, it wont sign in and it wont let me back out, meaning the only thing to do is shut my PS3 off and start over. it said i need an update, and im sure i do, but the same thing happens when i goto system update, it says searching for update, and when u press circle, it will...
  11. SensesFail

    Unannounced Fallout 3 DLC: Point Look this website sells the pitt and anchorage on a disc for 20 bucks. but that link i posted has Broken Steel and somthing called Point Look set to release on 6/9/09. so can we look forward to a fourth DLC pack from...
  12. SensesFail

    Broken Steel

    Anybody else download this today? im liking it so far, i wont post any spoilers but if ur thinking about DLing it you should. edit: achievements are broke.... but i beat it.
  13. SensesFail


    Service Trailer: Tech Interview Part 1: Tech Interview Part 2: it's awesome, im glad their moving forward but this wont be for...
  14. SensesFail

    OnLive moved
  15. SensesFail

    CoD5 Map Pack

    It's out. Just thought i'd let you all know. im sure most of you do if you were on live today, its real big on the main menu. im dling it now, hopefully it wont let me down. i really just want the new nazi zombies map
  16. SensesFail

    Metal Gear Solid, How much?

    I have a copy of MGS in fair condition. Plays fine but is a little scratched. What do you think i could get for it? I've also got access to Conkers Bad Furday for N64 and i understand that's rare too, any info on this? my buddy is shipping to basic and leaving all his retro games with me, i...
  17. SensesFail

    Cant afford RE5?

    Trade in any 2 of these games at gamestop/eb games and get RE5 for 19.99 360 Afro Samurai Armored Core; For Answer Bajo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts Blitz, The League II Call of Duty 4: MW Call of Duty: WaW Crash: Mind Over Mutant Dead space Destroy All Humans 3: Path of the...
  18. SensesFail

    ~Official Killzone 2 Thread~

    Well with the release of Killzone 2 just a day away for those of us going to the midnight launch i figured i'd make a Killzone 2 thread. Hopefully we can keep all killzone related topics in this thread, clans tryouts, tournament talk, or if you just want to find people to play casually with...
  19. SensesFail

    Gamestop is now taking Pre-Orders on the DSi

    169.99-Apr. 5th i think im going to pass this one up
  20. SensesFail

    Dane Cook plays modern warfare 2 kind of interesting i guess, you can see some fuzzy screens of the game. edit: also for anyone who hasnt heard, head over to, infinity ward is taking suggestions for things you want to see in cod: mw2 looks like thermal goggles, custimizable...