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    Whats your favorite level?

    I don't mind the windy level. The regular field types are pretty good and I quite dislike the ice one. They should be playing hockey instead =)
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    Does anyone know what's gonna happen at the end of the season?

    Yes Win/Loss record and points get reset. It's good 'cause it means you can stay competitive even if you're new or you take some time off. =)
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    GTA: Wii

    I don't see it happening.
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    And the most annoying online behavior is....

    Running alone the side to the corner with Dry Bones, running in a little and then teleporting past the goalie. F---king pisses me off!
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    Late Hello

    Thanks for coming! =)
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    Yoshi's Story

    I never got to play it but I wouldn't mind checking it out. If it does come to VC maybe I'll give it a look.
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    Marble Madness

    Good game. I like the bit with the marbles.
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    favorite band?

    Mad Caddies, Streetlight Manifesto Green Day, Rancid, Bad Religion The Grates, Architecture In Helsinki, Red Riders Ram-Zet, Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad
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    Japan: Super Mario Galaxy October Release Date

    Sounds good to me. It will surely be a brilliant game. I'm thinking after 11 years it may be time for a true sequel to Super Mario 64 for Nintendo's next Mario project though.
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    New channel - Wii health channel

    Hehe, people don't come in genres.
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    if no one knows yet

    Glah, I wasted valuable minutes reading this.
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    APPLE Video game Console!!!!

    Apple's never been about games and I think if they were to start now it wouldn't go well. They don't need to do it, it would only risk ruining their image and rep.
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    Spiderman 3 Wii Trailer

    May cause outbursts of...the feeling of being Spiderman. ROFL
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    Sony Strikes Back

    I still play PSX games :smilewinkgrin:
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    Share Friend Codes Here

    Nickname: Leirith Wii Number: 4811-4181-0155-4693 Feel free to add me and send me a PM to let me know.
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    Kill the person above you thread

    I somehow cause a whale to fall on you.
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    Top ten things to do with your PS3 whil waiting for new games

    Hm I can't say I'd buy C&C for the 360. It really belongs on the PC.
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    What Happend?

    Yeah you can add crap like that to an article (if it's not locked) but it'll get removed in about 10 minutes. Wikipedia keeps a history of every edit and the full version of the page at each edit so it's really easy to remove the crap.
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    True or False

    False The next person is an animal.
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    IGN's 25 worst video game box arts

    Hehe yeah. So that's what ninjas do when they're not stalking their prey in the night.