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  1. BlueWhistler


    Anybody had me on there brawl list, pls contact me cause my fc for ssbb has changed do to an unfortunate problem with my game file! The new fc is in my sig. thx
  2. BlueWhistler

    SSBB Tilt when offline brawl and stagebuilding

    Hi, I got this annoying problem with my SSBB: When I start an off-line brawl match the game gets stuck on the result screen! and when I build a stage on stage builder then save and try to exit the game gets stuck every time. No problems when on-line brawl. This all started happening after I...
  3. BlueWhistler

    hello, gütentag, dag, bonjour, merhaba, allo

    Had to wait one extra week to get my wii and now I have it at last. And its works far better than i imagened! I would like to learn more about the mii thing, guess i'll have to read some on this forum! nice to be here though! among the nintendo fans and nieuwly nieuw ones! hope i can...