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  1. CantGetAWii

    New here. Saying hello.

    Welcome to the site and congrats on your new Wii purchase. The Wii was some of the best fun I've had with gaming and it had many great titles to play!
  2. CantGetAWii

    This site seems dead it me you're looking for?!
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    Rename the user above you!

    Mushroom Slap
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    Skyward Sword was the best game I have ever played...

    When looking at other 3D Zeldas Hyrule was a lot more interesting than Skyloft, same with Clock Town. Skyloft felt so bare and boring.. And those games had you travel to more than just 3 areas throughout the game and while the combat may not have been overly difficult it felt too easy in...
  5. CantGetAWii

    Skyward Sword was the best game I have ever played...

    After waiting 5+ years for a true Wii Zelda I couldn't help but feel this game was lacking. Whether it be the padded start with the extreme hand holding, the lack of an overworld or lack of real difficulty. Also progressing through the same three areas over and over was neat at first but then...
  6. CantGetAWii

    Wii U - Would you afford for it?

    If the launch is nothing but Mario U, Pikmin and a few 360/PS3 ports then I will be staying clear. Zombi U does look neat but the lack of other titles and a rumored price point of $300-350 is making me steer clear.
  7. CantGetAWii

    What is your favorite sport?

    Being Canadian I have no choice but to say..HOCKEY. Baseball is a close second.
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    ehhhhhhh bud

    ehhhhhhh bud
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    Your Top 5 360 Games?

    Top 5: 1. Fallout 3 2. Gears Of War 2 3. NHL 10 4. Batman Arkham Aslyum 5. GTA IV Most Anticipated: 1. Mass Effect 2 2. Bioshock 2 3. Dead Rising 2 4. Singularity 5. Alan Wake Haven't played much games, especially any I haven't really liked all that much. Plus theres so much I've...
  11. CantGetAWii

    Watch: Red Steel 2 Caldera trailer

    Sadly, I think they confirmed no online play last year? Still I had my doubts about the game, especially being cell shaded (initially I wanted them to improve on the first ones look) but I am impressed. It all looks like and sounds like it will play smoother this time around too which is great.
  12. CantGetAWii

    Wii Software Sales Outmuscle Xbox 360

    I wouldn't go that far. I've played plenty of solid third party titles in the last 2 or so years that I've had my Wii. And it is a shame because the solid third party games don't sell as well as they should due to several factors (lack of advertising etc.). Not everyone will read about upcoming...
  13. CantGetAWii

    SCREENSHOTS for Zelda on Wii HD!! (hurry be4 nintendo fire me!!)

    Confirmed to be fake, some dude at Zelda Informer made them or something. Used a lot of Oblivion models and stuff. Plus the combination of wind wakerish item stuff and TP visuals kind of gives it away too. I love seeing what people come up with though, interesting to see it all.
  14. CantGetAWii

    Is there alien life out there?

    I always find myself thinking about this stuff a lot. I just can't begin to understand how something like space exists and can be so big. It pretty much never ends and if we can't even fly to certain planets then no one will ever see what else is out there. There has to be other life, and be...
  15. CantGetAWii

    Where To Go With Next Zelda?

    By next Zelda, I mean the one that may or may not come out after the one being made for Wii. I'm just interested to see how others feel about this, any ideas you guys have for the series etc. Little is known about the new Wii game, but many people (myself included) can't wait for it. I...
  16. CantGetAWii

    Endless Ocean: Blue World

    I'm interested this time around (never really got a chance to play the first) as the visuals seem to look really nice. Not to mention visiting friends islands online, seems like fun to me. Maybe it'll be a renter for me though, and maybe I should play the first one. After reading up on this...
  17. CantGetAWii

    No longer a zelda fan

    No a longer a fan because of one game? I've thoroughly enjoyed every title I've played, my #1 would have to be OoT. Mainly because thats what got me interested in the series (I was about 8 at the time) and then I continued to play from there and played old titles I missed from years past...
  18. CantGetAWii

    New Rock Band 2010!

    I'm interested in this game, there's definitely bands that I would have liked to have seen before them but I do like Green Day. Can't wait to see the songs they choose, hopefully more old > new. Rock Band 3 would be a good idea as well though, between Rock Band and Guitar Hero's spin-offs it...
  19. CantGetAWii

    Favourite Lyrics

    Red Flags and Long Nights - She Wants Revenge. Good stuff on here for the most part, pree much everything that KingWiired and ssbb_lover is solid.
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    Yo people I'm new here

    Welcome to WiiChat! We're rather friendly here, we only bite those who smell good soo..enjoy?