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  1. CantGetAWii

    Where To Go With Next Zelda?

    By next Zelda, I mean the one that may or may not come out after the one being made for Wii. I'm just interested to see how others feel about this, any ideas you guys have for the series etc. Little is known about the new Wii game, but many people (myself included) can't wait for it. I...
  2. CantGetAWii

    Best Urban Legends/Conspiracies?

    There's been an influx in threads on UFO's and paranormal stuff so I was just wondering what people's favourite urban legends or conspiracies were. Which ones have you had the most fun reading about? My favourite ones are always the songs played backwards (Paul Is Dead etc.), ones on...
  3. CantGetAWii

    Looking Forward to RE5?

    Anybody really excited for this game? I know I am, and it will be a must buy for me when it comes out Friday. Still debating on whether or not the collector's edition stuff is all worth it or if I should just buy the normal copy which is $30 cheaper. Anyways the game looks pretty good, I...
  4. CantGetAWii

    Nintendo And Sakurai Team Up For New Project?

    Sounds interesting, and its nice to see Nintendo and Sakurai working together on a new project. We'll have to wait a bit to see/hear what it is but hopefully the wait will be worth it. Source
  5. CantGetAWii

    Will This Be The Best Game To Grace The Wii?

    Here it is folks, forget about that Conduit title and MadWorld game. This game alone will outsell both and be one of the highlights for Wii owners for sure. First day purchase for me, guaranteed! Best Game? Enjoy! /sarcasm
  6. CantGetAWii

    More GTA Wii Rumors?

    Seems the GTA to Wii transition will never rest as a new story reporting that such things are happening has emerged again. This time it has pictures to go along with it if that's any more convincing for folks. Anyways, people left comments on that article saying it looks like PS3/360 visuals...
  7. CantGetAWii

    Clue In Nintendo Power For Next Issue?

    Anyone with the latest issue on Nintendo Power surely has looked at the sneak preview of the upcoming issue at the back of the magazine. Its a big, detailed map similar to that of GTA and it read "We've made a surprising discovery for our next issue". Anybody with the issue want to take some...
  8. CantGetAWii

    Details Emerge About Wii Version Of Smackdown vs. Raw 2009

    Like most Wii owners, I was surprised and excited to hear that Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 was coming to Wii. I had been waiting for a wrestling game on Wii and was hoping for a new series or a third Day Of Reckoning Game (Day Of Reckoning 1 and 2 were found on Gamecube). However when the game...
  9. CantGetAWii

    GTA IV for DS?

    Seems like news of a DS version has come out on the net recently, could be fake or untrue but its interesting nonetheless. Hopefully if is true, it turns out to be a decent little game. The link provided will show pictures of the leaked games, the one talking about the DS version of GTA IV is...
  10. CantGetAWii

    Wii Shop Channel To Get Demos, Rentals and Subscriptions?

    Source The code thing seems a little far fetched, but it would be neat to have at least the demo feature.
  11. CantGetAWii

    Another Update Available?

    Source Maybe it was something else to prepare for WiiWare? Or maybe its like that one time with the weird ? mark showing up in peoples saved data. I will have to check my Wii later on.
  12. CantGetAWii

    Five Things Wrong With Nintendo

    Source I am sure most of you can find more than 5 things wrong with them, but these are the general problems/concerns. The ones that I agree are big problems are no Voice Chat (weak online) and lack of new franchises. Hopefully Nintendo starts or already has planned to do both of those.
  13. CantGetAWii

    Third Party Wii Games That Sold A Million

    Source Clearly Resident Evil does well on Wii, why we can not get a more serious effort from Capcom surprises me. Forget the issues with Hardware and what not, the fanbase is here, its time for a true Resident Evil game on Wii. Your thoughts?
  14. CantGetAWii

    E3 2008 To Reveal Big Things For Nintendo?

    Source GameTrailers Interview I watched it myself and was surprised to hear that a huge "gamers" game will come out for the holidays. I thought Animal Crossing would have been it, but I don't see that being a gamers game. Also he said it was something we don't know anything about, and we...
  15. CantGetAWii

    Blu-Ray Wii Spotted In Tokyo?

    Source Quite the rumor there, not too sure about it myself. I know a rumor is a rumor but don't write it off right away just because of the name of the site :lol:
  16. CantGetAWii

    Top 10 Things Missing From Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Source I agree with Worldwide Release, its a shame Europe gets it so late, but I guess Freeloader helps that. Mii integration I don't think would work, but having more characters, voice chat, downloadable content and incentives would be great. Your thoughts?
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    Case Of Quality Over Quantity

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    PS3: Casual Gamers Console Of Choice?

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    What Is Next Gen?

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    Nintendo Talks WiiWare