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    Covid Stressed

    Just for an update, I do jogging every other day and it helps me a bit. Though, there are still sleepless nights and I still do experience panic attacks. Have anyone of you encountering this?
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    Official Mario Kart Friend Code Exchange

    Any new codes? Younger age are definitely welcome to the group!
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    What is your favorite anime music?

    It originated from Japan in 90s. Steve, Mark, Big Bert, Little John & Jamie are the pilots of the Voltes V.
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    How do you sleep without trying? Its totally the opposite of me. Been trying with blanket or without, whatever will works.
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    Covid Stressed

    I'm trying my very best to overcome this depression and already tried doing activities like jogging outside. Though, I can't help myself whenever I hear someone coughing thinking they may have COVID.
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    Links Crossbow Training High Scores

    Wow! A decade thread but, it feels good that someone tried to revive this! Let's start posting our score again!
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    Covid Stressed

    Hello, Been damn stressed about the COVID News. I don't understand why are there so many variants like Delta and Lambda. And why are they in Greek? Lockdowns and restrictions almost everywhere. The news are suffocating me and it gives me panic attacks. I even read that during this pandemic, a...
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    What is your favorite anime music?

    Familiar with Daimos or Voltes V? That's a great soundtrack and oh, its playing on my mind now. 80s-90s will only know
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    Who's your favorite singer/band

    "Are you happy in this modern world?" that's something to reflect on. I don't like her ever since but this song is fantastic I should say.
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    Samsung LE46A656 and Wii - Horizontal interference and/or "mode not supported" shown

    Did you check if device is compatible with your Samsung LE46A656? Or how about the cable wires?
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    What are you top 5 games for the Nintendo Switch?

    Love MarioKart, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokemon and Neo.
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    hi, i am new and i need to understand if...

    Hello @carolyn - welcome here.
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    Insomniacs assemble!!

    Looking for a handful of insights...Unfortunately I could not find good ones.
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    Who's your favorite singer/band

    Love the Beatles, BeeGees and Kenny Rogers. I am into 90's bands too.
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    Hello from the Ottawa Valley

    Wow your grandpas are soooo cool! I hope my grandpa is still alive for me to share gaming to him. I envy you guys, Love them.
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    Deciding which one to buy XBOX or PS5

    Yeah, one reason behind PS5's high performance is its customized SSD. So, I guess PS5 is worth buying for.
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    my internet sucks :p

    I've upgraded mine and its working perfectly. The internet connection is at speed and I can even download fast. Maybe, it depends on your location.
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    But, its prone to malicious content as what my friend told me. Though, just in case, are there ways to detect the virus upon downloading?
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    whats the last thing you ate

    What is bibingka? I had tacos and quesadillas.
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    WII U Guitar wireless setup

    Follow the manual if you have. And check the connectors and compatibility.