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    The Team thingy online.

    Okay about every game I've played has been teamed up on free for all online. People keep on pressing the down button and everyone stops fighting! I have to sit through every game until I finaly started killing them and when I did they teamed up and killed me! Whats ssbb comming to An SBBF...
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    Ike! aka SmashKing murder get over here!

    I wanna brawl u kk. now brawl now!
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    Super Smash Bros Brawl Training Center

    Introduction: ssbb (super smash bros brawl) is one of the most hardest games to learn. After you learn it, it's easy but lets not rush through things kk! ssbb has alot of stratagies and teckniques you can use to beat your opponent. Characters like Olimar, Diddy Kong, and Luigi can be strong...
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    Ways to clean disc! I tried these and they actually worked!

    My ssbm (Super Smash Bros Melee game wouldn't work. (figures what u get for getting the stupid used game at GameStop)! These are the things I tried: -Toothpaste -Lysol -a 100% cotton rag I first used the Cotton Rag to get all the dirt and stuff off. Then, I used the toothpaste. Theory has...
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    Luigi's Secret Weapon!

    Luigi has to be the lamest usual character to play as but he's actually pretty good. I haven't lost not one match with Luigi in face, I when just about all my matches with Luigi! If you wanna play my master luigi plz pm me kk. ssbb friend code: 2579-4701-7921 name: DUDE lets brawl!
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    ssbb friend code exchange, character discussion, and top 10 ssbb character vote.

    Post your ssbb friend code here, tell your character's secrets to winning, and vote for the top 10 ssbb characters: Top 10: (Master)1. (appretice)2. (1st rate)3. (powerful)4. (awesome)5. (strong)6. (expereinced)7. (inexperienced)8. (okay)9. (worst)10. The best characters are voted 1 to 10...
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    Super Smash Bros Brawl: How To unlock All Characters Guide

    This'll give you a brief way on how to unlock each character the non-cheating way kk. how to unlock brawl characters | how to unlock super smash bros brawl characters | unlock brawl characters | wii 68 rate or flag this page By DumDum789 1. Captain Falcon - Beat Classic mode on...
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    Best Character Vote. Vote for Your Favorite Character!

    Name-Vote Mario-1 Luigi Peach Bowser Donkey Kong Diddy Kong- Yoshi- Wario- Link- Zelda- Sheik- Ganondorf- Toon Link-1 Samus- Pit- Ice Climbers- R.O.B- Kirby- Meta Knight-1 King Dedede- Olimar- Fox- Falco- Wolf-2 Captain Falcon-1 Lucas-2 Ness-1 Pikachu- Pokemon Trainer- Lucario- Jigglypuff- Mr...
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    I'm new.....

    I just became a member yesterday and wanted to introduce myself. I play mostly SSBB (Super Smash Bros Brawl) And people say this is the place to go to play other people kk. My friend code is: 2579-4701-7921 Name:DUDE (All caps) If you wanna brawl just give me your friend code and we'll...