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    Win Modern Warfare 2

    From Playfire (Here here) All you have to do is answer the easy questions, I'll even help you out: 1. Who is the developer behind MW2? Infinity Ward 2. Which platforms is MW2 being released for? PS3, Xbox 360, and PC 3. What is the release date for MW2? November 10th 2009 4...
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    For discussion of the TV show FlashForward
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    Happy Birthday Mikhail!

    Happy Birthday King Last but not least... Oh and not forgetting...
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    And he hits the post!

    For Michael, with love from Jam
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    DS News: Okami DS Revealed

    Okami, the sleeper hit from Clover Studios, had critics and players raving about it's Zelda-like gameplay and unique graphics style. It now looks like Capcom plans to bring a new game in the series, titled Okamiden, to the DS next year in Japan. It is an all new adventure, but it will be set...
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    New DSi and WiiMote Colors

    September just got more colorful - as if all those leaves during the Fall season weren't enough! Nintendo has announced new colors to be released for the DSi on September 13th, both Pink and White versions of the handheld which have been already released in Japan. This now totals in 4 colors...
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    Wii News: Wii're Getting Better

    For a new and innovative generation of game consoles, the Nintendo Wii appeared to have an arguably bumpy start when it came to the collection of games it had to offer. With games such as Wii Chess being headlined as one of the openers to the year that is 2008, it may have made gamers in...
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    Wii News: Internet Channel becomes free

    Taken from the front page of the site Today, Nintendo announced the Internet Channel, which used to be available for download for 500 Wii Points (USD $5), is now free of charge to users who have yet to download it. When the Internet channel was first launched it was free however that was...
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    WiiChat Xbox 360 Game Night Ideas

    Right, want to try and test this out and see how it goes since we have a few members with 360s. So just reply with your ideas ~ What night/s and what time would be best? Suggest some games Any other input?
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    Modern Warfare 2

    Modern Warfare for Wii
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    For Mikhail

    Much love
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    Forza MotorSport 3

    Forza Motor sport III Release date - October 29th Over 400 different cars Over 100 tracks Fuel your fantasy Features include a more in depth tuning system, an improved painting feature, a 'rewind' mechanic for in races, video editing feature, game will have a focus on community, improved...
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    Forza 2

    So I just got it today and I'm really into it... but where in the world is this 'auction house' I keep hearing about?! Also, anyone kind enough to gift a car:aureola:
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    Yeah, I have a friend who started a website but doesn't have the time to run it due to other things going on. If you're interested in managing/running the website, I'll pm you his email if you're interested, writers also could apply. If a team isn't found then it'll be going up for sale. Got a...
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    SOTW #3 Entry

    Rules Only 1 entry per person Deadline is Sunday, March 8th at 11.59pm - any sigs applied after that will not be entered. 1 week voting period (doubles as week for new entries into next contest to maintain a current SOTW) Must be relevant to given topic (if not, it will not be entered)...
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    Keep WiiChat Human

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    General Fifa discussion, organise games, discuss tactics, anything! Gamertags PSN Lewda - Lewi T
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    Paul Blart: Mall Cop Anyone seen this?
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    Basically I have £200 and I need a guitar and amp, spent a few weeks playing acoustic 4 years ago, haven't touched since. Complete beginner but still want a good guitar and amp. UK please, I'll even swing ebay. But if possible please swing by as they are easy for me to buy...
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    Cancelling Live

    Right now I'm on the 'month-to-month' pay plan for Live and I'm wanting to come off it to go for the 12 month card however I've heard the only way to do this is to phone up Microsoft. I had the number so I'm just gonna ask for experience here, have any of you phoned up to cancel your...