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    Transformers 2 Review... and a possible return to WiiChat

    Hello again WiiChat. Its been a while. What initially attracted me to this forum was the anticipation of SSBB releasing... once the game flopped, I dipped my toe in the waters of The Lounge and whatnot, but then retired from most forums completely. But one of my long time passions have always...
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    Character Ranks (Strat. Guide)

    this isn't overly helpful for strategy... and believe that CF has too high of a rating and Kirby/Metaknight too low. but over all its cool to read. nice post
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    Brawl AI

    you cant expect the AI to interpret your own stages well. Too many variables for a poor little standard Yoshi's mind to handle lol for their level 9's though on normal stages, I think they're a little smarter and a tad less annoying than melee ones... as melee ones did a whole lot of rapid...
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    Home run world record

    thought I'd post this for you guys to see. enjoy, the timing is incredible.
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    How is the level editor?

    ^ i think they assumed you would have friends that come over and play. thats how i play 90% of my games
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    Sonic in Brawl

    ...nope... high power, high priority, good recovery, good range with rising pound, great ledge guard, super fast smash attacks = good character. her only drawbacks that hold her from top tier are her nerfed rest, her weight, and lack of a good tech chase. please refrain from posting comments...
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    Game & Watch

    This thread if need be, will be turned into a Game and Watch strategy guide including advanced techs, ledge guarding techniques, combo. leave a post if you want me to make it
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    How is the level editor?

    ^ ya it feels like a bonus feature. .. but i guess it should... since it is one lol
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    Is Sonic weak?...

    ^ ya without question his most useful move... but only having one reliable ko move greatly hinders your ability to strategise i find
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    MLG Pro Singles an Doubles

    nice man! you should bring your skills to a tourney so you can win stuff lol
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    How is the level editor?

    side note: the level editor is fairly basic so dont expect any miracle works of art. you'll spend 80% of your time on the brawl levels.
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    Diddy Kong

    mmm. i'll give it some testing time this weekend. it MIGHT be because he has an egg for a shield so his reacts differently. if oyu didn't know as a shield gets weaker it gets smaller and exposes parts of your character allowing some moves to penetrate. Yoshi's doesnt get smaller so this cannot...
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    Noob Spam Counter

    ^ you killed a falco with his own laser?... he must have sucked a lot lol
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    Diddy Kong

    ^glide toss can be done with any character item. most useful for peach, link, toon link
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    Noob Spam Counter

    thats assuming that their shooting you from close enough that you can hit them after your dodge before they get another shot out. thats a very situational strategy
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    Is Sonic weak?...

    ^ its possible but too many of his moves do too similar things. and his running attack is completely useless
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    Is Sonic weak?...

    recovery isnt THAT good. its straight up so its fairly predictable. b airs and up airs kill fairly well. f smash... but its hard to hit. get them off to the side then use your b air to ledge guard
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    Noob Spam Counter

    if you just roll towards them you'll roll into a shot almost guarenteed. and if you jump and their good they snipe you. thats why its such a good spam. there's nearly no way of getting to them without getting a little extra damage
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    Is my Fighting Style Broken? (Help Please!)

    ^ good point. plus computers will always react the same way every time you do something to them. like every time they get knocked off they'll recover in the same way. way too predictable to practice on. training mode is ten times better
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    Brawl - More or Less Balanced than Melee?

    its not the speed of the move itself its the fact that after the move's animation is done he sits there for quite a while before you can do anything else. to your next post: my favorite ganon moves for killing are his air moves. all of them have killing power. try u tilting into a crowd of...