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    Transformers 2 Review... and a possible return to WiiChat

    Hello again WiiChat. Its been a while. What initially attracted me to this forum was the anticipation of SSBB releasing... once the game flopped, I dipped my toe in the waters of The Lounge and whatnot, but then retired from most forums completely. But one of my long time passions have always...
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    Home run world record

    thought I'd post this for you guys to see. enjoy, the timing is incredible.
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    Game & Watch

    This thread if need be, will be turned into a Game and Watch strategy guide including advanced techs, ledge guarding techniques, combo. leave a post if you want me to make it
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    Official Brawl Tactical Discussion Thread

    For competative players i'm making this thread. i'm making a compilation of all the new techniques i've found via internet sources and through my own play. post your own and they will be added to the list once tested. comments/ questions on them will be answered on an asap basis. this is also a...
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    1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1???...stupidest idea ever

    this is a bit of a rant. i dont get why so many people want eight people playing at the same time to the point that they are actually disappointed that the option was discluded... imagine eight people all on seperate teams on the new FD... or on pictochat... imagine how small your character...
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    the combo thread

    for those more serious smashers this thread is to dicuss combo tecniques you've discovered
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    Official brawl character main discussion

    in anticipation of a million people making seperate threads about who everyone will main i am making this thread. please use this thread for all discussion on character mains. feel free to post comments on who you will main now that you've played the game and tell us why
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    female character poll

    another thread gave me this idea. who's the hottest character in brawl? sheik? zss? zelda??? your thoughts haha
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    unlocks anyone? -possible spoilers-

    anyone wish to give me a link to something that will tell me how to unlock everything? i need characters stages- with alternate backgrounds trophies stickers and of course sound tracks much appreciated
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    so there's a bunch of different threads that lead into discussions/ arguements about whether or not there are clones in brawl. i'm tired of arguing in a million different threads about the same thing so i thought i'd condense them into one thread where you can chose a side and go nuts... to make...
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    why brawl will be amazing

    i know everyone thinks brawl will be awesome. i wanted to get your thoughts on why. personally these are the things i've noticed: (not including character/mode/stage additions since those are over covered in other threads. gameplay only boys) :) all the best aspects from 64+melee: from...
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    idea: voicechat for friendcode battles only?

    after reading the interview from IGN i had an idea... why not enable voice chat for use with battles using friend codes only. then the people you are chatting with you already know... presumably anyways. and disable it for the random battles. in my opinion this would solve the problems we have...
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    how random online play will change the world of trash talking forever

    everyone who plays melee with their friends thinks their awesome if they can beat those friends. they play noone but those friends and they always own...therefore they assume they own. they come here and begin talking crap about how they will own the world in brawl. i dont know how many 'best...
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    ledge guarding in brawl

    i havent played the game so this is a thread to help me i hope. i've seen a bunch of the pro videos and in the instances where they would normally ledge hog in melee they simply concede the ledge to the recovering character. i am wondering why they do this. i am aware that one can attack after a...
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    no midnight release or demo game in Canada

    i checked today at the eb i pre ordered at and there will be no midnight release or demo game for us. sorry for everyone who believed the rumors
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    grabs and combos

    its clear that the creators wanted to nerf the dreaded chain grabs and to an extent, limit the grab combos that found a home in every melee MLG event. knockback seems higher with every normaly spammed combo grab and hit stun seems to always wear off before the combos that were once common place...
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    thoughts on the nerfed veteran moves anyone? personaly i think some of the nerfs completely change the strategy of the character...which may or may not have been the intent. like fox and his nerfed upward attacks and his b air. now his power moves are all horizontal making him much more...
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    i had an old thread on this topic that i thought i'd bring up again now that brawl is out to the public and a better look at each character's move set has been taken. to me there seem to be A LOT of characters that would all fall under the same tier bracket (many kudo's to nintendo for this) and...
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    short hops and combos

    from the pro videos prez put on his thread i've noticed that marth players seem to utilize very few short hops and dont seem to have the almost automatic combos they used to. i know they disabled the shffl but can someone go into greater detail as to why these combos dont work anymore? because...
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    Final smashes over hyped? *SPOILERS*

    i dont know what everyone else thinks about this topic but there are alot of spoiler videos on the internet showing final smashes...simply youtube search ssbb final smashes to find them. and not only do these final smashes seem largely unbalanced between characters (for example Link, Marth have...