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  1. jimbo

    Worst part of the game?

    i dont think that it wasnt hard is a flaw, when were platformers hard, when you were seven?? i actualy think it is to hard in the a few places leading to fustration,then to a broke tv :mad5:
  2. jimbo

    Consoles to “die out” in the next 5 to 10 years

    anyone think of hacks, thats 1 reason why console gaming, mostly xbox with xbl is so big. but no consoles wont die, after next gen, i dont really see graphics getting any better but they wont die. maybe in 10 years we will see the last gen, or consoles as there is no point in improving them...
  3. jimbo

    Best wii gaME

    how can you make a suggestion?? HOW MK comes out a week on fiday,(going to GAME on friday to play it a week early) :ciappa: and theres many more titles still to come out, what about nintendos other games, pikman, animal crossing.. and theres still third party games which are to come out.
  4. jimbo

    How are we liking No More Heroes?

    it needs a sequel to improve its longitude and impiment the ideas everyone has. it is a good concept but the game could be a lot better. and the control scheme is brillant!!
  5. jimbo

    Cable to play with 2 TV screens

    the ps1 had it ffs...but no i dont no anything about it, the closest your doing to get is online play. can you do lan play?
  6. jimbo

    Details Emerge About Wii Version Of Smackdown vs. Raw 2009

    didnt get last 1 because it was limited but love wrestling games. had 6 mates on the ps2 a while back was mentl :) online hopefully is good, this maybe a xmass title :)
  7. jimbo

    How are we liking No More Heroes?

    roll on a sequel!!
  8. jimbo

    Why Nintendo’s online gaming paranoia could kill the Wii

    just read rock band wii has no online, whats the friken point of getting it, just get ps2 one, comes out earlier and is cheaper!!! pissed!!!
  9. jimbo

    How are we liking No More Heroes?

    got it like 2 weeks ago, on release date here in uk.. it's fun, just cba atm getting money for next job XD
  10. jimbo

    Mario Kart. Wiimote or classic controller or Wheel. What do you perfer?

    prob wii wheel coz it be most fun, i think as nintendo should of nearly perfected it, andi cba buying a gcc :(
  11. jimbo

    The Death of Consoles?

    been posted. and no consoles wont die anytime soon
  12. jimbo

    bomberman coming to wiiware

    ty for screenies, hope they have cool maps with coal trucks etc
  13. jimbo

    bomberman coming to wiiware

    ust want online, be so fun!!! and how 8 ppl online worl, can only think of 6 spaces ( 4 corners and 2 in middle)
  14. jimbo

    The 30 dumbest videogame titles ever

    lol n1..some not heard of and were funny (ninja golf) and mutant camels FTW
  15. jimbo

    Free Guitar Faceplate

    any news on european disk replacments?
  16. jimbo

    US Army robots using Nintendo Wii

    maybe they realized that gamers FF to much, or is that just americans XD :aureola:
  17. jimbo

    Why Nintendo’s online gaming paranoia could kill the Wii

    lol xbox live benchmark, thats like saying crysis on very high (which no one can play...NO ONE) is the benchmark in graphics.. is rockband wii, got online... it wont kill the wii same reason high prices didnt kill the ps3
  18. jimbo

    Wii Success May Lead to Cheaper Next-Gen gen prcing i sont see getting resonable coz, well as next en going to have new hardware etc and im not getting into this argument
  19. jimbo

    play mario kart early in UK

    To celebrate the launch of Mario Kart Wii, Nintendo and GAME are challenging the nation to take part in the Mario Kart Grand Wii, a tournament set to find the country’s best Mario Kart driver. Keen drivers will be first off the grid, trialling the new game before it goes on sale anywhere in the...