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  1. jimbo

    play mario kart early in UK

    To celebrate the launch of Mario Kart Wii, Nintendo and GAME are challenging the nation to take part in the Mario Kart Grand Wii, a tournament set to find the country’s best Mario Kart driver. Keen drivers will be first off the grid, trialling the new game before it goes on sale anywhere in the...
  2. jimbo

    mk and wii fit uk release dates.

    got think in today having mk and wiifit rlease dates.. mk=11 of april and GAME doing a deal- trade in 2 crap games get game for £10 and wiifit=25th of april im sure these are solid, hope so
  3. jimbo

    ssbb european release date.

    looking though ign and looking at brawl review and look what caught my eye. go under cover were dates are :).. anyone no if true. and sorry Australian's still tba
  4. jimbo

    the big question !!!

    so if the gamecube was #1 last would nintendo of done things diffrently. like would we of still seen the wii and would it be good graphics. or would we just of seen a ps3
  5. jimbo

    price cut?

    the 360 is still kinda out of my price is there a chance there will be a price cut before june as it my b-day....if not i will still get it but just want to know thanks
  6. jimbo

    SD card help

    i need help...i put a SD card in my psp and its to i get it out..also i dont this because i put my psp DS card laptop and it stuck.. im thinking off unscrewing the screws but could that dammage it??
  7. jimbo

    ssbm using wii

    ok im going to borow this ff a mate as i never played it before and want ot get into ssb but can i use wii controler?? i not got gc or classic controller
  8. jimbo

    ff:cb battle system??

    ok i no its using the ff 12 battle system but was wondering if it would play tactical like ff12 or more fast like kingdom hearts.
  9. jimbo

    wii ware games

    sorry for another one of these but i know therers an final fantasty game coming out and was wondering if we could make games like that??
  10. jimbo

    what did you call link???

    just wondering what everyone called link.. i called him jimbo *hint* *hint* *my name*
  11. jimbo

    gh3 friends help

    ok my mate recently got gh3 and we both added each other on it but everytime we play it just disconnects(tryed this and stranger matchs also disconnect) how do i fix this coz we want to jam!!!!
  12. jimbo

    wii play and mario galaxy sold out

    went into game and HMV and both smg and wii play sold out. i am now very angry but got re:uc but i cant play to xmas so again angry. just fought i share and do you think they get in stock before xmas ??
  13. jimbo

    wii music

    does anyone know anything about this game i seen what wikipedai said about it. so what other instruments it got exept drums and an orchistra
  14. jimbo

    suggest wii mote add-ons

    just wondering what else can go into the wiimote. the numchuck the only thing that realy needs to go in it but of corse there must be other stuff. the only thing i can think of is a pedal to use for racing games as i think it would be hard to press a or b while have a confortbale grip on mote.
  15. jimbo

    1 gd xmas game

    just wondering wat is a gd xmas game...i just ogt gh3 and im getting smg for xmas want somehting else thats gd
  16. jimbo

    party games

    just wondering wat games i showed gt for play with family all i can see is smery pants by wondering if any more