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  1. lloyd_yayo

    Super Smash Bros GMV Trailer - With Wiichat exclusive AND Exclusive to, an early look at video # 10 - Captain Falcon *** VIDEO NOT INTENDED TO DEMO COMBOS OR HIGH LEVEL PLAY ***
  2. lloyd_yayo

    Pokemon History

    Needless to say, there's a lot of hype around pokemon right now, and I'm glad to see the next installment come so early in the 3ds life cycle already. A quick look at the progression of Pokemon? Yes i got that for you!
  3. lloyd_yayo

    UME on E3

    debute episode of Season 2, starting on the topic of the upcoming E3, we take a pre-look of what to expect from the big 3 Also if you have something cool or intresting you would like to promote during our commerical...
  4. lloyd_yayo

    We want to promote YOU!

    Alot of changes are being made for season 2, and one of them is WE want to PROMOTE YOU during our show! UMEGAMES is about us gamers, so we want to show off the talents, works and cool projects from everyone involved in gaming. SERIOUSLY, we want to advertise you for FREE!!!! If you...
  5. lloyd_yayo

    I need some insight

    I need some insight from you all for a project I'm working on, nothing crazy so chill out. 1. where do you like to buy your games and why? 2. How much does advertising actually factor into your decision to buy or not ? 3. Will you shop at a store you dislike if the price/bundle or...
  6. lloyd_yayo

    UMEGAMES: Resident Evil

    Nintendo has been home to some quality exclusives like RE 0, the remake and 4, as well the the umbrella and darkside chronicles, so we analyze the whole series as we embark on another nintendo exclusive in Revelations and the upcoming Racoon City. Enjoy...
  7. lloyd_yayo

    UMEGAMES: 2011 Reviews

    2011 was a big year for gaming, in our latest episode, see our key moments both good and bad. We would love to hear your moments as well
  8. lloyd_yayo

    Price of games UMEGAMES Episode 3
  9. lloyd_yayo

    UMEGAMES: Kirby

    Another special edition episode for this month. Last month was Sonic, this month to follow up 2 recent launches, we dedicated the focus on Kirby. Hope you all enjoy. Love to hear any feedback. :wink: check out the youtube...
  10. lloyd_yayo

    UMEGAMES: Console wars (the next generation)

    Part 2 of the console wars debate, looking into whats needed in the next generation comment your thoughts as well
  11. lloyd_yayo

    UMEGAMES: Console wars Episode 1 let your voice be heard
  12. lloyd_yayo

    Sonic Fans

    UMEGAMES is proud to launch its video series with a special edition dedicated to Sonic the Hedgehog As sonic fans, we like your thoughts and input shared as well, your likes, dislikes and such. Episode: Sonic The Hedgehog[...
  13. lloyd_yayo

    Something for U & Me *This is not an advertising crap thing* Something i been working on past 3 months, think it'd be cool for this community enjoy
  14. lloyd_yayo

    Got to try the DSi XL

    Nintendo Lady came thru our best buy today to change out some game demos and she let us use her DSi XL. I must say im impressed, its so much bigger it just feels right in your hands, the larger screen just makes it vivid. she had pokemon soul silver in it for us. if it wasnt for this DS2...
  15. lloyd_yayo

    User Review: Tatsunoko vs capcom

    we setup a demo for the game yesturday at our bestbuy, and all i have to say is WOW!!!!! as a marvel vs capcom hardcore player since 2000, and long time streetfighter fan, it felt foreign for a moment since it only has 3 attack buttons. but after 10 mins, i picked right up on it, combos...
  16. lloyd_yayo

    Flordia Police make a STRIKE!!! such a fail lol but funny
  17. lloyd_yayo

    I Finlly Did IT!

    I Beat Alien Soilder! game is freakin hard...well worth my points. i would never had got that game had it not been for prinny, so 1up to you. that game is a boss galore!
  18. lloyd_yayo

    Na 07-27-09

    Another week without a VC game: WiiWare Tales of Monkey Island: Chapter 1 Publisher: Telltale Games Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Older) - Alcohol Reference, Comic Mischief, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes Price: 1,000 Wii Points™ Description: Join Guybrush...
  19. lloyd_yayo

    Pre-ordering games

    Got a meeting on Monday with some Managers about gaming structure as a company, and the topic is Pre-order sales and how we can be better than the competition. so we're (Best Buy) lookin to see some response from you all, whether you shop us or not 1. What draws you to pre-order games? 2...
  20. lloyd_yayo

    New Trade-in spot

    just found out couple days ago at work that we now do trade-in at bestbuy. only the stores in Texas do trade-ins in store (for now) but you can go to and trade in all kinds of stuff, from games, to dvds, to old cell phones, computers whateva. and there actually better prices...