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    fav pokemon

    I like Sneasal because of how he isn't extremely cheap like the legendaries but he stuns a wide range of opponents.
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    Anyone use the double tap up jump thing?

    I use Y also, I turned it off, I agree, it is VERY difficult to jump using that way, unless you've done it for 6 years, I guess.
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    Spectator mode not really a spectator mode?

    It's definitely people playing, just not live, spectating doesn't necessarily apply that the match is happening that moment, I've seen some things that CPU's would never do, like not playing... I've seen that.
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    Online settings?

    Yeah it is pretty random, I personally have Items on Medium and my Wii is 2 feet away from my router, I also have FIOS so... I don't know.
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    Has anyone noticed... (about theme song)

    Vince, very nice interpretation of the characters and their places, even if you didn't make it up, I do think that Sonic, even if this is his best game in awhile, wasn't in the Supspace until the very end, even if some might consider him the hero. I'm not going to lie, I liked Sonic Heroes.
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    Must you be so critical? You didn't even capitalize the first letter in your sentence, and get used to incorrect English, it's 90% of the Internet.
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    PhragX is right, I've had this happen in a friend match, when Tinkle from the Zelda Series is summoned one of three things can happen, this is one is rare I believe but I've seen it, no glitch, just a rare happening.
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    Here you go. And I thought they were pretty cool, the Delfino Plaza one was creative, no offense but the Sonic one was lame, I personally don't set up for my Sceen shots but nice job.
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    Lmao, Just look at this pic i took-

    Now must we all be so childish ... SONIC OWNZZZZ It's Art. Mine are just like yours ;D
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    Lmao, Just look at this pic i took-

    This one I took is pretty funny...
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    who have you decided to main

    I'd have to Say... # 1 - Sonic #2 - Pokemon Trainer #3 - Wolf and Fox #4 - Luigi and Captain Falcon #5 - Bowser, my only heavyweight player.
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    Brawl Pictures, To Computter Pictures?

    Oh, I figured it... I got a lot more but this one is REALLY epic, IMO. Ivisaur is unable to battle...
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    Brawl Pictures, To Computter Pictures?

    What exactly does this site do? I'm confused, someone elaborate?
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    coin matches

    Well on Wi-Fi you need friends and you need to change the rules, in Local multiplayer you just go to the top and change the rules from stock or time to coin.
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    Replay Question

    Wow I can't believe I missed that, thanks.
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    Replay Question

    Thanks, but that's not what I'm asking, I'm asking how do I watch replays of games I just played, I don't get it.
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    Your Favourite Brawl Theme Songs

    I'm a pretty big Sonic Fan too, but I'm not going to argue, anyway I don't know it's offical name but it's the new Corneria one.
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    Replay Question

    Alright this may come across as a little nooby but... How the hell do I look at replays? Can I replay online matches? I thought it would be like in Halo... I play a match, go to Replay, and my last 3 matches would be in the replay to save on an SD Card or on my Wii, all I have in that section is...
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    Wolf Thread!

    I like Wolf and Fox, pretty equal. For me it's... Sonic > Wolf=Fox > Pokemon Trainer > Luigi > Captain Falcon That's my personal Caste System for choosing characters, Wolf is up there, I respect him, however I like Fox's Side B more than Wolf's as it doesn't go at a slant, Fox can also direct...
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    Your Favourite Brawl Theme Songs

    I like the Classic Sonic Theme Song [Green Hill One], but my absolute favorite would have to be... LOVE IT!