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    wtf is a webkin?
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    Linksys WRT54G V5

    i have it and love it
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    wii controller

    are you straight on with the sensor bar? maybe try turning the sensitivity up on the sensor bar?
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    Beat SMG Today!

    well im not really renting i take games out form my job at gamestop to try em
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    Star points....

    4000 stars is 1000 wii points
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    Another Wii light problem..

    well check your message and it goes away or turn wiiconnect24 off
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    Help on changing channels on my router

    put it on 1 or 11 those are the recommended ones to go with
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    Beat SMG Today!

    Well after 9 days of playing on and off I beat it. It was a very fun game. I still need to go back and get more stars but I might return it to my store so I can check out Nights Journey of Dreams.
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    Other mii's in my wii...

    ok ok i got it now thanks
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    Other mii's in my wii...

    wait so when i type a message to somebody and it has that space where it says add mii is that how i can do it??
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    Other mii's in my wii...

    ok sweet. thank you very much.
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    Other mii's in my wii...

    does that mean my mii will dissappear?
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    Other mii's in my wii...

    I adde a friend from this site and two days later her mii was in my I get mii's all the time in my parade but never straight to my plaza. How did she do that and how can I send my mii to someones plaza?
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    nah i good man i already got wiichat and qj plus i run my own way too busy..:)
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    lol thats a funny one though your friend had you you get to smack
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    looks cool man hope everything works out for ya.
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    why would it come with points?
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    Wanna be my Wii Friend?

    im your
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    Blaze Media Pro

    Is there anything else out that is like this program? I use to split/crop movies into sections. Lke ufc events i split all the fights up so each fight has its own file. Thank for any help.
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    Wiikly update for 12/31/07 (US)

    light crusader was fun