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    oh snap... (team help again lol)

    i restarted pearl (i didn't like the water starter) with good old chimchar. now i have monferno lv 23 and luxio lv 21. im going to get a roserade, and a wishcast, and now once again im stuck with choosing pokemon xP suggestions? i was thinking of misdreavus again, maybe. and then...
  2. J

    anyone happy with Olimar?

    well, to me im a huge pikmen fan, so GO OLIMAR!
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    help with pearl team

    i just got it today, but i know my pokemanz. im going to have an empolen honchkrow rapidash electric type (pacuritsu maybe, or richu) in need of a ground type, and something else, help a fellow guy out please? OH and BTW, im looking for pokemon i can get early, i just started remember?
  4. J

    lol found this funny

    LOL, i agree with the dude. halo is fun, so is pokemon :D
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    wii games for christmas help!

    there are so many titles out for wii, but i can't get all of them. which are the best? I know about super mario galaxy, so getting that, but what else? i was looking at metal of honor heros 2, fire emblem for wii, blalaton wars II, and the new resident evil game, but i can't get that...
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    neat trick in super mario 64

    my little 7 year old brothers figured this out, and i've been playing this game even before he was born o_O. once you get all 120 stars in this game, and talk to yoshi on top of the castle (theres a cannon by the lake you can get in), you get 100 lives, not only that, but your triple jump...
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    Which Character are you going to use most? (poll)

    im going to be totally random and different!!! so i pick wario >:{D
  8. J

    The Search for the 3rd Party Characters! Who will they be?

    megaman!!! and when he wins, it should play the ever famous megaman II title screen music. banjo - he would be awesome. knuckles - he has big knuckles, for PUNCHING, meaning hes a good fighter
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    anyone play gunz?

    Gunz is this 3d 3rd person shooter game that i downloaded for free a few years ago, its really awesome. i was wondering if anybody else heard/played it before? you can find it very easily, and its free.
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    How Old Are All The Wii Owners in Here

    16 16 is the best gamer age. just because :D
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    friday's update pwned!!!!

    You guys know how annoying dissconecting can be right? i am VERY VERY VERY GLAD that the dissconecter can be replaced with a cpu for the rest of the match, thats just fricken AWESOME! im just really excited about it cause i seem to play ageinst a lot of dissconecters, but not anymore! (well...
  12. J


    i find myself humming mario tunes all the time! i like going "duh du duh du duh du" (like mario is underground.) and anyone around me does the same xD its like a virus or somthing.
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    Wii at my school :)

    what he said
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    The SSBB History Lesson (see first post)

    hey!!! that level is in tetris ds! after you get about... 160 lines i think, thats whats going on in the top screen. cool find!
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    ITT: Real Men Use Items!

    the original quote was "real men use peach" as a sig from n-siders *sigh* didn't save my sigs before n-sider closed down.
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    guitar hero III extra songs?

    last night i went online to battle some people on GHIII, and there were more songs on the list, but they aren't playable in one player mode, whats up with that?
  17. J

    Monday... A sad day for all Gamers...

    its not that bad, we have so many other games on wii and ds to keep us busy. and i hope thats not all you people do... right?
  18. J

    Any Console Collectors Here?

    i didn't even know there were that many consoles...
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    360 vs Wii

    why are you "freaked out" or "scared?" if people buy more xboxs than wiis, so what? that doesn't mean its better. in fact, all the systems have stuff that the other ones don't, so they are all different, not better than one another.
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    New Wii Straps

    yeah really, the only time one of my remotes dropped was when my little brother got really mad at the game he was playing, and he just let goes of the remote and lets it hit the floor. kinda like in zelda tp where zant comes in and hes like "surender or die" and zelda drops the sword and all...