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    Just Noticed Update (I have the WiiKey)

    I noticed the update when I put my Super Mario Galaxy game in my Wii. Do we know if it bricks the Wii?
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    Pokemon Battle Revolution VS. Help!

    How on EARTH do you play VS. in Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii? I am with my friend and we can only create one battle pass and play one player. I am not looking for Wifi! I'm looking to play with my friend in my living room. Why is it so complicated?
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    The Latest Wii Update

    I have a WiiKey and was wondering if the newest update for Wii (which is?), does it affect any users of the modchip world who use the WiiKey in their Wii system? Some one said the only thing it did was disable the use of the boot DVD made from the WiiKey, is that true?
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    New Update Pwnes Modded Wii's With WiiKey's?

    I was wondering if the new update pwned users with a modded Wii such as the Wii Key? Some one here who had their console modded or with a Wii Key, how was the update?
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    Pokemon Battle Revolution with WiiKey

    Does anyone know if the Pokemon Battle Revolution does anything to a modded Wii (since it is online and could quitely do something while you are playing) and if your using a backup DVD?
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    Just Bought 50" Plasma HDTV Panasonic, HD Cables for Wii?

    Just Bought 50" Plasma HDTV Panasonic and was wondering if I should get HD Cables. Some people say there is an amazing difference while others say there is no difference. What should I do, which ones should I get, and where should I get them? Gamestop?
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    SD Card JAM!

    It's so annoying, every time I insert my SD card into my WII, it jams so tight. The I have to grab each end with my fingers and move the card left, right, left, right, until i finally pops out. What's the deal? Has this happened to anyone else? This happens to me EVERY time I insert an SD...
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    Which is Better - Blockbuster Online Game Rentals or Gamefly?

    Title really says it all. I'm already a part of the Blockbuster renting online but not for gaming.
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    Game Saves to SD Card from the Net?

    I'm looking for a site that gives game saves out for download for people to put on an SD card and then transfer it to their wii. But I can't find a site that offers GAMECUBE saves like Super Smash Bros. Melee. I tried but they don't have Gamecube games, silly.
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    Gamecube Modem/Gamecube Online

    Whatever happened to the Gamecube Modem/Gamecube Online? I know that the modem was sold in stores cause I saw it for sale at Gamestop about a year ago. I saw SSBM Online but it was only an image. What the heck happened?
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    Blockbuster or Netflix?

    Title really says it all. Once you pick which one, tell me why you like it better? I'm signing up today!
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    Katamari Damacy for Wii?

    I've been wondering if anyone has heard about if Namco wants to make a Katamari Damacy for the Wii? I know they don't want to but what's the word? Using the Wii Mote with that game would rule (if established correctly).
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    I downloaded Mario Kart 64 and Moo Moo farm is on SPEED! The whole level is 100x faster than others and same with the Skyscrapper battle level. All others are fine. What's the deal?
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    Mario Party 1 For Virtual Console?

    I'm confused, I saw a post here earlier that said it was set for download February 12, 2007, where is it?
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    Holy COW! Earning all 1 MILLION Rupees MANUALLY!

    Has anyone done this? That would be SO sad.:yikes:
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    Merlee's Mansion!

    Alright so I am stuck. I've been everywhere. I've already done the gerbil thing and got the long code by spending 10,000 rubees. Where do I go from there?
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    Factory Made Labeled DVD's?

    For the people who backup their games, do any of y'all have factory made labeled dvd's? DVD's that come labeled? (With a blank label that is). If so, do you have matte, glossy, or any other? I'm switching from manual labels to pre-labeled DVD's and I don't want to get 100 glossy's if the Wii...
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    A Couple of Questions about Wii Games & Labels

    I have a couple of questions for Wii Games & their labels. I have been backing up wii games and doing a few tests. 1. I have successfully backed up my original wii games on to DVD-R's without any labeling on them. But, when I added a Matte label that covered the whole DVD except the actual...
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    HELP! Wii is Ruining My Network!

    Ok I am able to be online for a few minutes before I get disconnected again but I think my Wii and Computer are having IP conflicts. When I'm on the Wii, the internet works great but my PC fails to connect sometimes. Also, when it's in stanby, every 5 minutes, my computer wireless network...
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    Wing Island? Why didn't some one say anything?

    I had no idea this game came out. This was in the Wii commercials where the little boy was driving the airplane on the screen. Is it worth it?