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  1. J

    oh snap... (team help again lol)

    i restarted pearl (i didn't like the water starter) with good old chimchar. now i have monferno lv 23 and luxio lv 21. im going to get a roserade, and a wishcast, and now once again im stuck with choosing pokemon xP suggestions? i was thinking of misdreavus again, maybe. and then...
  2. J

    help with pearl team

    i just got it today, but i know my pokemanz. im going to have an empolen honchkrow rapidash electric type (pacuritsu maybe, or richu) in need of a ground type, and something else, help a fellow guy out please? OH and BTW, im looking for pokemon i can get early, i just started remember?
  3. J

    wii games for christmas help!

    there are so many titles out for wii, but i can't get all of them. which are the best? I know about super mario galaxy, so getting that, but what else? i was looking at metal of honor heros 2, fire emblem for wii, blalaton wars II, and the new resident evil game, but i can't get that...
  4. J

    neat trick in super mario 64

    my little 7 year old brothers figured this out, and i've been playing this game even before he was born o_O. once you get all 120 stars in this game, and talk to yoshi on top of the castle (theres a cannon by the lake you can get in), you get 100 lives, not only that, but your triple jump...
  5. J

    anyone play gunz?

    Gunz is this 3d 3rd person shooter game that i downloaded for free a few years ago, its really awesome. i was wondering if anybody else heard/played it before? you can find it very easily, and its free.
  6. J

    friday's update pwned!!!!

    You guys know how annoying dissconecting can be right? i am VERY VERY VERY GLAD that the dissconecter can be replaced with a cpu for the rest of the match, thats just fricken AWESOME! im just really excited about it cause i seem to play ageinst a lot of dissconecters, but not anymore! (well...
  7. J

    guitar hero III extra songs?

    last night i went online to battle some people on GHIII, and there were more songs on the list, but they aren't playable in one player mode, whats up with that?
  8. J

    i have a suggestion.

    can someone make a board for the nintendo ds? i really like this site, and im sticking to it for a long time, but i would like to discuss ds games too.
  9. J

    is the link's crossbow training fun?

    i will get the wii zapper soon, some time but i want to know, is the game that comes with it fun?
  10. J

    help with breath of fire 2!

    this is sad, cause i haven't done like ANYTHING in the game yet... i have to find some old lady's kitten, or pet of some sort... she said it went south, so i exited the village, and i headed south. I leveled up to lv 4 on the way, and found a mountain cave. theres a butt load of higher level...
  11. J

    Christmas list

    super mario galaxy mario and sonic at the olimpic games electric guitar with 15 watt amp other things... what else should i get for wii/ds? is MOH good?
  12. J

    im looking for a good rpg game...

    i have shinning force for gameboy and i already have paper mario on a working nintendo 64 i really want a good rpg! is there any really good rpg games for vc out yet? if so, post plz
  13. J

    renting super mario galaxy

    ok heres the loadown. I have to wait until christmas to get super mario galaxy, my parents will not let me buy anything else so they and others in my family can get christmas gift ideas. well, im thinking, what if i rented it? see, the bad thing about renting games with me is, if i beat a...
  14. J

    besides guitar hero III...

    what else should i get to play before christmas? i'm getting smg for christmas, and... im just looking for something besides ghIII to hold me over... i doesn't have to be a wii game, could be ds, any suggestions?
  15. J

    Sonic Officially Confirmed For Brawl

    I want sonic for brawl, just think, a battle between mario and sonic would be so climatic! who else agrees?
  16. J

    yes! finally, an active nintendo fourm!

    I come from the Nintendo N-sider forums as JOSHSMASH64. ever since it shut down, i've been looking for a fourm like this, and BAM! HERE IT IS!:lol: so who is excited for guitar hero III? I can't wait for it :ciappa: ima counten the days.